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New Web Series Looks Into the Life of a Dealer


New Web Series Looks Into the Life of a Dealer

It’s happening. It’s been happening for some time now but every few days something pops up to remind all of the cannabis lovers around the world that the days of prohibition being a thing of the past are slowly creeping up on us. The evidence? A new web series that explores the fictionalized life of a weed dealer known only as “the guy.”

Although “High Maintenance” originally launched back in 2012, video streaming service Vimeo has just recently chosen to produce new episodes of the cannabis-centric vignettes as an original series through its on-demand service. As the first show to be introduced on this company’s widespread platform, it’s significant to note that marijuana will be the topic at hand for millions to see. But, it’s not just another generic stoner show.

“We never start: ‘This would be a cool situation for a weed delivery,’ ” Co-creator Sinclair said. “We start from complex emotions that we are going through, and we try to capture the authenticity of how it feels to feel that way. And then we apply some weed to it.”

The show is about the diverse and unpredictable world of a New York City pot dealer who delivers his product to customers. The episodes follow “the guy,” Ben Sinclair, and the interesting interactions between him and the eclectic, eccentric characters that request his distinctive services. Sinclair and his wife Katja Blichfeld, the former award-winning casting director for “30 Rock,” came up with the series together and are excited to see the excitement around it slowly growing.

“When I walk around on the streets now, some people who are doing my character’s job will come up to me and be like … ” — Sinclair lowers his voice to a whisper — ” ‘I’m doing it right now.’ ”

Check out the trailer (which is essentially a cool montage of people blazing.)  The show costs $1.99 per episode to view.

Would you watch a show about a pot dealer? Tell us what you think in the comments.

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