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Product Review: ResÖlution Cleaning Caps

Photo Courtesy of ResÖlution


Product Review: ResÖlution Cleaning Caps

Resolution designed Res Caps® to make cleaning your glass bong fast, easy and hassle-free.

Although there are always lots of products and accessories to assist you in having a superior smoking experience, it can be a little difficult to find out about things that help you keep your beloved pieces clean and in tip-top shape. That’s where these awesome cleaning caps from ResÖlution come in.

The set comes with three rubber caps designed for three basic uses: to help with cleaning pipes and bongs, to help prevent messes while on-the-go and to help block marijuana odors when not in use. They work by stretching over the mouth of your glass piece and creating an airtight seal that doesn’t allow any fluid or scent to escape, making them a great addition to any smoker’s personal collection.

$11.99 / Click here to purchase.

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