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Commercial Trim Station Lets You Manicure Like a Pro

Photo by Gracie Malley


Commercial Trim Station Lets You Manicure Like a Pro

A next-gen trimming solution specially designed to hand manicure a commercial size grow.

“If you aren’t comfortable while doing this work, you’ll likely burn out fast,” says Danny Marinovich, a cannabis trimmer from Laconia, New Hampshire. He’s been in the trimming business for 12 years and has seen a lot of people develop painful conditions like carpal tunnel syndrome and cervical strain.

“It’s demanding work, sitting in one place for hours at a time doing this repetitive motion,” he says. “You have to be in a really comfortable, supported position to go the long haul.”

Recently, Marinovich says he was lucky enough to work for a team of cannabis cultivators who sought to maximize trimmer comfort – subsequently boosting efficiency and output – and invested in trim stations that employed ergonomic comforts and clever engineering. When he showed up at a job site one day and saw the Trim Station Pro laid out, he knew right away that it was a winner.

“Working for this particular group of growers, I can trim through an enormous amount of indoor-grown flower in the course of a five to ten day period,” he says. “Some places I’ve worked, I’m sitting at a flimsy fold-out card table all cramped up. This setup has lots of room to really stretch out and have everything at arms reach and in separate areas.”

The commercial grade Trim Station Pro was designed specifically for trimmers like Marinovich to be the first hand-manicuring platform engineered for high volume production. It employs separate wells for trim, unprocessed flower, shake and processed piles so there’s no wasted time dealing with containment and set up. Time is often squandered at a typical trim table while managing separate materials and shifting piles around as a trimmer steadily moves through product.

“We studied trimmers and identified that there were three areas of trimming inefficiency – separation, organization and enervation. This is where time gets lost,” says Trim Station co-founder Sascha Eiblmayr. “Our big breakthrough was realizing many of the problematic issues were created due to trimming on a two-dimensional surface like a [flat] table. This created mounting inefficiencies, in addition to time loss due to bagging.”

Trim Station Pro does something to combat all that. It utilizes a three-dimensional space with deep wells that automates the bagging process. It’s also designed around pivot points, so all body mechanics work within the trim zone alleviating the need to repetitively lift your arms and therefore diminishing fatigue.


“Being hunched over a table for 10 hours a day breaks your body down and you become less productive over the course of a day,” says Eiblmayr. “We designed the Trim Station to counteract bad posture and encourage proper alignment so your body works within its natural mechanics.”

The Trim Station Pro was also designed with an array of smart features, like the attachable LED light Bud Beam, which casts a bright, focused glow around the primary trimming area and a removable catch tray for scooping flower and easy cleaning. It also features cup holders, so there’s less chance of spill nightmares.

“It’s things like that that make the difference with a trimming area,” says Marinovich. “I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had an old, busted up desk lamp fall into my buds and cause me to have to stop and reset my work. Having the light attached right to the surface of the station makes it so that I can move the light all around and not think twice.”

Made of extremely durable and lightweight PVC, the Trim Station Pro is simple to assemble and easily portable in the event that a trim room requires modulating. It’s also a bonus that you can set up the system and walk away from it periodically, knowing that material is protected inside each of the separate wells and not likely to be knocked over by a clumsy hand or gust of wind. Throw a bit of plastic over the tabletop, which measures approximately 40 x 45 inches, and feel secure that everything will be undisturbed when you return back to your trim.

Add in some turkey bags for odor control and storage, as well as the incredible Scissor Bud-e cleaner – a very effective scissor cleaner made with hemp oil – and the old school days of inefficient trimming are in your rearview mirror.

“I’ve been spoiled now with this new station,” says Marinovich. “I’m not sure I can go back to working on a flat table again. This thing rocks.”

How do you trim your cannabis? Tell us all about it in the comments.

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