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The Only Man in Florida Who Can Grow His Own Marijuana

Florida legal marijuana home grow Cannabis Now
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The Only Man in Florida Who Can Grow His Own Marijuana

A Florida judge says an elderly cancer patient can cultivate cannabis at home. So why is the state Department of Health still fighting to keep legal weed away from Joe Redner?

Meet Joe Redner. Redner is 77-years-old and owns a strip club. He has stage IV lung cancer.

And he is also the only person in Florida with permission to legally grow marijuana in his home, a distinction granted to him by a judge on April 11.

Florida is a hugely significant part of America’s legal marijuana scene. The state is as full with conservative-leaning voters as with senior citizens, two segments of the population with whom legal cannabis tends to be the least popular. Florida’s medical-marijuana era is still in its prelude stages, 18 months after more than 70 percent of voters approved Amendment 2.

There are 95,000 patients registered with the state Department of Health who can legally access cannabis, but only cannabis grown by one of 13 private companies under the aegis of the state. Cannabis can then only be acquired in edible, topical or vaporized form.

Cannabis flower is not allowed, and neither is home grow. This is a restriction that will sound peculiar and draconian to denizens of the West Coast, where the right to plant a home garden is enshrined in state law, but one all too familiar to residents of states where medical marijuana is a recent innovation.

The stated reason behind a ban on home grow is to prevent black-market marijuana activity — you know, the kind of black-market activity that makes cannabis the world’s most popular illicit drug in the places where it is illegal.

In practice, the ban appears to do very little to stamp out cannabis’s popularity, while forcing legal patients to choose from a limited supply of product, for which they must pay exorbitant prices.

In Redner’s case, patients can expect to pay up to $400 a month for their marijuana supply, according to the Tampa Bay Tribune. Redner’s preferred method involves juicing the plant. This is something he cannot do within the rules laid out by the Department of Health, despite his right to medical cannabis enshrined in the state constitution.

Medical-marijuana patients in New York, Pennsylvania and other states where home grow is banned and where the number of allowed cultivators is strictly limited are in similar situations.

In Florida, at least, that could change thanks to Joe Redner, attorneys and advocates believe.

At the moment, the ruling in Redner’s case currently applies only to him. Practically and technically, it doesn’t apply at all, as the Department of Health immediately appealed the ruling.

Redner’s attorney is working to lift the stay on Redner’s permission while the case winds through the appeals process (his client is dying, after all, and the case is a lock to end up in the state Supreme Court). In the meantime, the belief is that Leon County Circuit Judge Karen Gievers’s ruling will set a precedent.

Other challenges to restrictions in Florida’s cannabis law are pending. One, attacking the state’s ban on smokable cannabis, filed by Orlando trial attorney John Morgan, the main bankroller of the medical marijuana voter initiative, may be heard soon.

“Hopefully some of this litigation will give more patients the access they want and deserve,” Ben Pollara, executive director of marijuana advocacy organization Florida for Care and one of the authors of Florida’s medical-marijuana law, told the Tampa Bay Times. “That was the whole point of passing the law.”

What still remains to be seen is if Redner will live long enough to consume any home-grown. “Every day counts with cancer,” said Luke Lirot, Redner’s attorney, in comments to the Tampa Bay Times. “This is medicine… you can’t get back the days of treatment you lose.”

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  1. Rick

    June 2, 2019 at 8:11 am

    I myself suffer from manic depression which ruins my life at times and then I suffer from chronic back pain due to the labor intensive job that is needed to pay my bills. It’s a fight every day to maintain and I can not afford 400$ a month to treat my illnesses plus gas and time to travel a hour one way just to get low grade meds.I deal with the pain day to day and take the risk when I find canna meds that work my freedom is at stake and can’t afford fines either. If I could grow ten plants I could have medicine for a whole year for a very small percentage of buying it high dollar from shop and won’t have to worry about what was it grown in if I find it on the streets.plz florida see the needs of the ppl and let us grow our own meds stop being greedy.

  2. Walter

    June 5, 2018 at 9:42 pm

    I am a medical cannibis patient & I’m so grateful to people like Morgan who are fighting for our right to smoke the medicine we need. But , it’s only half the dream. Cannibis is a plant. I could grow my own medicine & use the whole plant. That’s where the true benefits are. Using the Whole plant! I don’t need a field, just 5, 10 plants. That’s the dream, growing my own medicine!

  3. Joseph M. Pavia

    May 7, 2018 at 7:54 am

    It is a real mistake that the backward state of florida,(small letters for a petty, pharmacutical controlled state. When we passed the legislation for medical marijuana, we expected that the ‘people’ would be able to grow and use it in any way they wanted to. Now Florida is making the SAME MISTAKES that they made about the opium situation. You have to go to “special doctors”, who do NOT take your health insurance, hence you have to pay them CASH, just to see the doctor. Than the pharmists will ALSO NOT take insurance for the medication. If they do, the CASH PRICE will be astronomical. You will have to take it in ways that will not help a lot of patients. We need to legalize marijuana. For medical & recreation use.
    Tax it and legalize it for Adults. Tell your representatives that if they’re not in favor of FULL legalization, they will be voted out of office. Make this your ONE interest. If they don’t vote for legalizing, than you don’t care about ANYTHING ELSE. Tell them your vote depends on their stand on legalization. You don’t care about ANYTHING else their agenda may be. If they don’t vote Yes for legalizing, than you will simply VOTE THEM OUT OF OFFICE!!!! That’s all they understand. STAND TOGETHER CITIZENS, VOTERS.

  4. Torri Sapp

    April 17, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    Yes ,only for themselves not for sale.

    • Ryan

      April 18, 2018 at 1:26 pm

      Morgan spent million twice to get it on the ballot. It really passed the 1st time with 58% but for some reason in FL needed 60 so next time it passed with 70%. The panhandle & parts of Central Florida are way too conservstive. They hold back our state. Let Bama & GA have em lol. The bill was always meant to be smokable & home grown for medical patients or go to dispeneraries like in other states. Idk the redneck repos don’t move into the 21st Century. It is like the want the US to be 1950 forever smh. I’m not even a marijuana smoker, but know it helps many medical issues a lot more than Big Pharm. Btw it Big Pharm bank rolling these repos to stop it or slow it smh again. Hope works out well soon b4 its too late for many. Go Joe Redner! Good Luck & u & Morgan keep fighting the good fight!

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