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Mary Mi Amor: A 420 Poem from Prison

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Mary Mi Amor: A 420 Poem from Prison

Mary Mi Amor: A 420 Poem from Prison

Luke Scarmazzo authors a poem about marijuana while serving a 20-year prison sentence on federal marijuana charges.

Luke Scarmazzo, a former state-legal dispensary owner now serving 20 years in prison under federal prohibition laws, pens a poem to the plant he loves. On 420, Cannabis Now celebrates the wonders of marijuana — and remembers those who are still being punished through our country’s unjust judicial system.

Mary Mi Amor

As I sit behind these concrete walls,

I think of all the pain you’ve caused,

Then I’m reminded of all the love you gave,

The healing, the smiles, the lives you’ve saved,

Our relationship is one of hot knives,

Depressed gravity and chambered-up ice,

You leave, come back, I search for facts,

But all I find is vapor trails and dabbed out wax,

You’ve given me felonies in the darkest streets,

Sold yourself to celebrities out on Market Street,

I’m detained, ashamed behind your name,

Yet I recall vividly the first time you came,

A natural medication since the dawn of civilization,

A revelation, one of God’s miraculous creations,

You’ve helped nations to cross the seas,

Reddened their eyes and crossed their teas,

Although your deeds are plain to see,

Hypocrisy is all they speak,

Penalize our seeds like a Chinese creed,

Lies they teach but the truth shall rise like leaves,

They can no longer deny our right,

I’ll fight to legalize your life,

My good friend Bobby said:

“Every little ting gonna be alright,”

I often reminisce on those nights,

Burning under your hot bright light,

The most beautiful female to ever cross my sight,

I carry no spite although I paid a high price,

So I smile knowing one day near,

We’ll no longer have to live in fear,

You and I on that rocking chair,

Until my lungs can no longer breathe in air,

I love you Mary Jane.

Read more about Scarmazzo’s story here and more of his writing here.

TELL US, do you have a 420 poem? What do you celebrate about cannabis this 420?

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