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Marijuana: An Instrument of Peace

Ed Rosenthal Marijuana Guru of Ganja 420
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Marijuana: An Instrument of Peace

The Guru of Ganja explains his long-term love affair with marijuana.

When I first met marijuana I recognized that she was an ally and that we would have a long relationship. We’ve spent a lot of time together. You could say that it has been a long-term relationship. The poet Rick James described his affair with the plant:

I’m in love with Mary Jane.
She’s my main thing.
She makes me feel alright.
She makes my heart sing.
And when I’m feeling low,
She comes as no surprise.
Turns me on with her love.
Takes me to paradise.

Guru of Ganja Mary Jane Ed Rosenthal 420

Even though she is not dangerous and even healthful, as pleasant and profound as can be, she has not had an easy time gaining respect in the U.S. or for that matter throughout the world.

It’s been 50 years since the movement to make her legal began with LEMAR in Buffalo, New York and she is still shackled with prohibitions, restrictions and regulations not applied to the most dangerous intoxicants, ones that have killed more people than all of the nation’s numerous wars. Why is this? What great fear do governments have of this euphoriant and mind opener?

My conclusion is that when politicians look into the magic mirror, they all might think they are more popular than the next. However, elections results prove that marijuana is more popular than any of them. For instance, in the last election, legalization was favored by 72 percent of the electorate in Florida. The winning candidates were 15 points behind. The reason? Good marijuana never tells a lie, is never involved in corruption, and never tries to control you.

In his book “Doors of Perception,” Aldous Huxley theorized that society teaches people a broad set of filters to interpret the world. Any random thoughts that might pop up but don’t fit in, are repressed and never make it to consciousness. He suggested that psychedelics, and I include marijuana, alter the brain’s ability to self-censor stray thoughts that contradict our sets and set perceptions. Instead, it helps our minds wander and takes us into unknown territory. Politicians think that’s dangerous and disruptive because their hypocrisy shines through brightly.

It is not a coincidence that as cannabis use became popular in the ’60s and ’70s, opposition to the Vietnam War spiked. Just as the Vietnamese were whipping the U.S. in Asia, the war was lost domestically. Since that time Americans have voted consistently for candidates promising peace, but each time have been disappointed as they are delivered into war.

I still consider marijuana an instrument of peace. That it makes us more loving and tolerant and less likely to be violent to ourselves and to Mother Earth.

Right now, marijuana’s potential is an unfulfilled dream. It spent the past 50 years resisting insults and ducking from the spears thrown its way. It didn’t attack. The opposition just faded because the truth will come out. Let’s hope it fulfills its potential in the next 50 years: A greener peaceful world.

Happy 420. We celebrate together worldwide.

Ed Rosenthal Guru of Ganja

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