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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Best 420

5 Ways to Celebrate 420 Cannabis Now
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5 Ways to Celebrate Your Best 420

We’ve got a plan for the grand marijuana holiday that is 420.

The 420 holiday is unlike traditional celebrations cut from the dangling appendages of the American way. And by this we mean it is the only day throughout the year that the cannabis community really has to mix and mingle with other Mo-Fo’s of the same mindset while chiefing out extensively on the weird science highs presently on the scene.

We do not get the luxury of a three-day bankers weekend, like most of the people on the clock from 9-to-5, only a single square on the calendar where we can cut loose and proclaim our diehard devotion to the doobie. It’s more like a bakers holiday — a span of 24 hours where potentially millions of people from all walks of life grab a head full of THC and, for a brief snippet in time, forget about the world being in a perpetual spiral into a seething cesspool in the center of the universe. It is the day where we are the legion of the leaf, standing in stoned solidarity against a system that has made outlaws out of us for over four decades. It’s really quite beautiful when you stop and think about it. Or are we just high?

Considering that 420 is a one-shot deal — and there are no second-chances at this thing until after the Earth does another dance with the Sun — it is imperative for anyone wishing to take full advantage of the high holiday to devise a solid plan of attack. This is not one of these situations where flying by the seat of one’s pants is best for optimizing high minds and good times. You have to remember: some of the elite among this special gang of stoned socialites have been planning for 420 since the last one. It would be arrogant to think that the average person could just climb out of bed on the day that we have deemed Cannamas and get down like a rock star without some careful preparation. Or would it? We here at Cannabis Now Magazine believe that even the procrastinators of pot can enjoy an eventful 420. Here are five ways to get you started.

1. Wake and Bake Like A Champ

It is not unusual for most cannabis enthusiasts to start the day off with a good old-fashioned wake and bake. But for the 420 holiday, it is essential to take this ritual up a couple of notches to ensure the perfect, cartoon-like head change one needs to handle the party ahead. Hopefully, you’ve at least had the foresight to call in sick from work or take a vacation day. If not, you might be looking for a new job come Monday, especially if you show up to the worksite blathering about conspiracy theories or other insanities that have a tendency to emerge from the minds of the super stoned. But hey, according to President Trump, taxes are down and the job market is strong, so you really don’t have much to worry about. Quit that job! OK, we’re starting to ramble – 420 starts early around here. Where were we? Oh yeah, don’t even worry about putting on pants. Just kick back in bed and smoke copious amounts of high-powered bud (Blue Dream is one of our favorites) while texting and calling friends. You are going to want to assemble a small pot-friendly posse to get on with the activities of the day.

2. Uber or Lyft to a Munchies Lunchie With Friends

Now that you are finished gallivanting around the house stoned in only your underwear, it is time to get put on some clothes and face the outside world. We understand that this could prove challenging. You have everything you need right there in your space, why in the world would you leave? Well, here’s the thing. All of those friends you sent text messages to, who ditched their jobs to hang out with you on 420, will surely be plagued with a mean case of the marijuana munchies by lunchtime and will need to feed that beastly appetite before diving into the action full force. Chances are that you too will be hit with a ravenous hunger — one of those that give a person the super human ability to consume their weight in just about anything consisting of mostly meat and cheese.

But there is no possible way you can drive anywhere at this point. If the wake and bake ritual was done properly, there is now more THC coursing through your bloodstream than the basic nutrients needed to keep you alive. Fortunately, Uber or Lyft have made a business out of transporting the less than sober to their desired destinations. You will need to choose one of these services to transport you to a restaurant to meet up with your people. This too may prove tricky. But don’t over think it. You’re just high. The government is not watching you. Or maybe they are… what do we know? We’re in the same boat.

3. Visit a Dispensary or Neighborhood Weed-Slinger and Stock Up

It felt good to attack the munchies with such rabid enthusiasm. But there is a part of you that now thinks you may have over done it. A couple of your friends seem to be looking at you differently than before. Perhaps they are flabbergasted by your uncanny ability to jettison all table manners and suck down more grub, and without chewing, than any third world country has imported on any given year. Or you could just be super paranoid. Wait, did you even pay for that meal? Or are you on the run for an accidental dine-and-dash? Look behind you. If there’s no one back there, screaming, “Stop, you miserable thieving hippies,” you’re probably good to go. Pull yourself together. Everything is going to be OK.

Now, whip out that trusty smartphone and summon another Uber driver. The time has come to make a beeline to the closest marijuana dispensary to stock up on bud, edibles and any other THC-infused supplies you’re going to need to make it through the day. That is, if you live in a legal state. If you don’t, a quick phone call or “coded” text message to a neighborhood dealer will have to suffice. But you know how that goes. You may end up waiting around some dingy apartment for hours, only to come out more dry than high. Either way, you are going to need more marijuana. It’s 420, after all, and the goal is to go on a wild-eyed bender that you can brag about for the next 12 months.

4. Head to a 420 Event or a 420-Friendly Living Room

Yikes! Half of the day has already been burned up dancing around the house in your skivvy’s, exuding gluttony and waiting around on Uber drivers. Man, time flies when you’re high. But you’ve been playing it smart and you’re having a pretty fantastic time thus far, yet you are in a race with the clock. In a matter of hours, 420 will come to a screeching halt and you haven’t even had a chance to really tear up the scene. This is the point in the day when it might be fun to seek out an event or some other social gathering full of likeminded folks.

There are a number of happenings dedicated to the 420-holiday in legal states. Just look for the cloud of smoke and head in the direction. But if you live in a state where the cops still hunt down stoned humanity with extreme prejudice, we recommend gathering at a private residence as far away as possible from the threat of legal woes. Anyone busted this weekend will not see the outside of the jail until at least 4/23. Judges don’t work weekends.

5. Hit An After Party of Some Kind

If you are still standing by the time the sun goes down, something is seriously wrong. It is at this juncture in the evening when the THC levels in your brain should be somewhere between Cheech and Chong. But we get it. You’ve been smoking weed since you were just a youngster and have built up a fiendish tolerance that will allow you to go down with the ship long after everyone else has bailed out. It is for the heavy hitters like you that a 420-friendly after party is probably in the cards. Where there is a major event, rest assured it will not be hard to find a place with fellow, red-eyed monsters gather for cocktails and additional rounds of munchie madness. Even in states where prohibition is still the law of the land, bars and nightclubs typically host 420-themed fun. Whatever you do, just have yourself an experience, and stay high.

TELL US, what are your 420 plans?

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