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Lizzy Jeff: Manifesting Marijuana Magic

Lizzy Jeff Cannabis Now Magazine
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Lizzy Jeff: Manifesting Marijuana Magic

An artist talks music, meditation and creating a new reality through cannabis.

To call Lizzy Jeff a ray of sunshine is a massive understatement. This music-making budtender and self-proclaimed medicine woman is a ball of fire sprinkling her brand of love, light and appreciation for cannabis all over Venice, California through her high vibe hip hop.

The 31-year-old Los Angeles native uses cannabis and alternative forms of healing, like chakras and crystals. Her fans include a wide spectrum of people who are interested in the spiritual side of cannabis.

Jeff’s debut mixtape “Zen & Kush” (a play on Snoop Dogg’s classic song “Gin and Juice”) explores wellness from a higher perspective. It’s a collection of songs inspired by her magical, cannabis-infused lifestyle and is full of positivity, affirmations and transformational tidbits on how to live your best life — just like her.

Jeff grew up in Crenshaw, a neighborhood in South Los Angeles, where she was raised by her grandmother under the Christian faith. Though she was always into the church’s musical tradition and its message of unity, she was still deeply curious about different kinds of spirituality. When she was in her late 20s, she started studying and getting into the law of attraction, the belief that a focus on positive or negative circumstances can bring out positive or negative effects.

“That’s when I started to understand how powerful our thoughts truly are and how words can create our reality,” Jeff says. “I started practicing thinking, saying and repeating what I wanted to manifest in my life and things really started changing for me. It really works.”

Naturally, her music is not only a reflection but an extension of her enchanted lifestyle, and she’s careful to be intentional about making sure her songs are empowering, honest and laced with the same gems that helped her actualize the life of her dreams.

“My music is kind of like a form of witchcraft. It’s like casting spells,” she says. “I’m sitting down writing these lyrics, then I have to repeat the same words over and over to memorize them, then I go to the studio to record them and then I have shows where I’m performing them. So, I am constantly speaking things into existence. It gets to be a medium for other people to manifest in their own reality and it’s so powerful. I’m honored to create art that people can enjoy that not only feels good, not only sounds good, but is a tool for manifesting a whole new reality.”

However, her music isn’t just for helping others get in touch with the power to create the life they desire, it’s also a tool for healing herself.

“When I write, it’s medicine because I allow myself to flow,” Jeff says. “We all need to allow ourselves to flow, whether that’s through writing, freestyling, stretching, yoga, meditation, singing, smoking — whatever works for you. That’s how we manifest with our god force.”

Cannabis plays a major role in helping her connect with others. Jeff hosts and curates gatherings in Los Angeles that she also calls Zen & Kush, where vendors and spiritual practitioners of all stripes come together to offer energy healing, music, art, meditation and, of course, cannabis. At these events, she gets to share her passion, respect and gratitude for cannabis as a source of healing and help people understand how they can incorporate it into any aspect of their lifestyle.

“Plant medicine is very important to me and I like to give people a chance to figure out what works best for them,” says Jeff. “It all depends on the vibe and how you want to feel. It’s really important to understand what kind of experience you want to have because your needs are always changing and always evolving.”

For her, though, she has a few favorite ways to medicate that have become a staple. She says her “go-to” is rolling a classic joint with a little bit of the herb damiana and some rose petals, to add “sensuality and sweetness.” Jeff also drinks CBD-infused tea every day, occasionally adding raw THC, and uses cannabis oils all over her body as a part of her beauty routine.

As for the future Jeff is manifesting, she says she’s excited to keep educating others on the wonders of cannabis, creating events for people to heal with plant medicine and making music that transcends time, space and labels. Her newest EP dropped on 420, just in time for summer.

“I’m not a rapper,” she proclaims. “I’m a goddess. Music is something that lives forever and can inspire someone thousands of miles away from you. That’s not just rapping. That’s magic.”

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