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Marijuana Products For Mother’s Day

Marijuana Products Mother’s Day Cannabis Now
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Marijuana Products For Mother’s Day

From your mother to your partner to your grandmother, Cannabis Now’s essential Mother’s Day shopping list has the marijuana gift ideas.

This Mother’s Day, more people than ever will have the chance to enjoy legal marijuana with their mother — or other important women that have brought children into the world.

On such a momentous occasion, we here at Cannabis Now wouldn’t want to send you out into the wild world of Mother’s Day cannabis without a map. Plenty of products out there nowadays are targeting women and mothers, so there’s no shortage of options to choose from — especially considering that you don’t have to be a specific gender to enjoy any cannabis product. Today, we have gift suggestions for the various mothers in your life, and we’re sure they’ll all be a hit.

Marijuana Products Mother’s Day mother Cannabis Now

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For Your Mother: Top-Shelf Flower or Pre-rolls

First and most importantly, you got to get a quality gift for the person that the holiday is named after. We recommend you start by replacing all that cannabis you slipped out of mom’s jar during those rambunctious teenage years. From there, she obviously deserves the best flowers you can get your hands on in exchange for the gift of life. If she can roll a mean joint, get her straight flowers. If she can’t roll her own joints, buy her pre-rolls from a dispensary that grows their own pot. It’s worth noting that many pre-roll companies can’t really compete with the pre-rolls coming from high-level in-house dispensary cultivators, who throw their small buds in a pile to roll up for their own retail establishment.

Marijuana Products Mother’s Day partner Cannabis Now

For Your Partner: Dosist Pens

She’s your teammate in child raising, so let your partner know she still got it! For this, we highly recommend both the Arouse and Passion vaporizer options from the Time Magazine-recognized innovators at Dosist. The Arouse a 10:1 THC to CBD ratio designed to bring out the spiciness in life with a unique terpene blend of linalool and farnescene that is supposed to enhance your excitement. The Passion option is an 11:1 THC to CBD ratio meant to increase sensuality. That’s accomplished with a combination of the terpenes myrcene and blended with limonene. Each pen has 200 doses, so the gift should last far beyond Mother’s Day.

Marijuana Products Mother’s Day grandma Cannabis Now

For Your Grandma: OM Bath Soaks & Lion Balm

Who could possibly be more deserving of some cannabis-laced rest and relaxation than Grandma? If she’s at that age where everything hurts, hook her up with some fantastic Epsom Salt Bath Soaks from OM. The ladies behind OM have won almost every major cannabis competition in California more than once and remain at the cutting edge of cannabis hydrotherapy. Whether your grandma is into lemon or lavender, she’s sure to enjoy the soak. However, if taking a bath has too much risk of falling, we recommend OM’s Lion Balm. While these balms tend to really heal arthritis in finger joints, they’re great for a bunch of other options too.

Marijuana Products Mother’s Day sister Cannabis Now

For Your Sister: Powerful Edibles

How do you reward the woman who gave you the opportunity to be a crazy aunt or uncle? With an edible chock full of triple-digit milligrams of THC. You know how hard your sister wishes she could party when she’s not focused on raising her children into reasonable people. Give her something with a lot of kick, like a 100 mg ten pack of cookies from Korova. This is not a microdosing situation. Also, babysit your niece or nephew for the afternoon so she can eat as much as she wants to!

TELL US, are you buying your mother any cannabis products for Mother’s Day?

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