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5 Musical Artists Cannabis Lovers Love

PHOTO courtesy Wiz Khalifa


5 Musical Artists Cannabis Lovers Love

We take a look at a variety of musical artists and see how their music and process intersect with cannabis.

It’s no secret that many of the world’s greatest artists throughout history have indulged in mind or mood-altering substances from time to time. It was in those moments of relaxation that many new ideas, visions and innovations bubbled up the surface of their consciousness.

Just for fun, here are a few quotes from famous musicians about their relationship with cannabis:

“It’s a thousand times better than whiskey… it’s an assistant — a friend.” — Louis Armstrong

“Marijuana helped me write Pet Sounds.” — Brian Wilson, Beach Boys

“When you smoke the herb, it reveals you to yourself.” — Bob Marley

“So if ever I need some clarity, or a quantum leap in my own consciousness, or a quantum leap in terms of writing something or getting an answer, it’s a quick way for me to get it.” — Alanis Morissette

Cannabis Now has done many interviews with musicians who have opened up about the role of cannabis (or lackthereof) in their creative process. Here are some of our favorites.

Wiz Khalifa's Khalifa Kush has become a household name for hip hop lovers who also love smoking great cannabis.
PHOTO courtesy Wiz Khalifa

READ: Wiz Khalifa Talks Kush, Hip Hop & Politics

Wiz Khalifa has 11 platinum plaques and a wildly popular signature strain to his name. He also has a lot to say about the future of cannabis legalization, which he believes is inevitable. In this interview with Cannabis Now, he talks about his firsthand experience with the militarized Drug War and accurately predicts the success of Proposition 64.

Wayne Coyne Cannabis Now
PHOTO George Salisbury

READ: Flaming Lips’ Wayne Coyne Talks Music’s Meditative Trip

For 30 years now, the Flaming Lips have garnered a reputation for being one of the most delightfully eccentric and psychedelic bands in American history. Yet, considering their trippy soundscapes, trippier album artwork and mind-bending forays into film and live performances, it may come as a surprise to many that front man Wayne Coyne is not much of a cannabis consumer.

PHOTO Alison Clark

READ: Q&A: The Hybrid Vigor of Gogol Bordello

Gogol Bordello frontman Eugene Hütz talks about headlining the Emerald Cup, his hopes for the future and how live performance can become a spiritual experience. Cannabis Now caught up with Hütz a few days before Gogol’s Emerald Cup performance for a wide-ranging discussion of cannabis legalization, spirituality and human integration.

Marco Pave Marijuana Music Cannabis Now
PHOTO Oleg Zharsky

READ: Marco Pave Spreads Social Activism Through Music & Cannabis

A Memphis, Tennessee-based MC, Marco Pavé, talks about his favorite strains, the political atmosphere around cannabis in his home state and how the two intersect through his music.

Screaming Females Band Tour Mixtapes Marijuana Cannabis Now
PHOTO Justina Villanueva

READ: Punk Group Screaming Females Trades Mixtapes for Weed

The New Jersey trio shares how they got their name, the efforts they’ve undertaken to get weed on tour and the pleasures of brushing teeth while high.

TELL US, does your favorite musician use cannabis?

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