LISTEN: The Dank Duchess Holds Court at the Emerald Cup

The Dank Duchess is a royal authority on all things hashish.

As a cultivator and writer The Dank Duchess is focused on all things hashish. When she speaks or writes about hash — a cannabis concentrate created by shaking the resinous trichomes loose from the cannabis flowers with ice and water — her passion for the the all-encompassing reach of the healing powers of marijuana shines through her words.

Read about The Dank Duchess’ experiences interacting with other hash makers in the regular online gathering known as Hash Church through her article in Cannabis Now.

I spoke with Duchess about entering her hash in the 2016 Emerald Cup as well as the explosion of innovations (rosin!) that always follows the huge gathering of growers and artisans interested in further advancing their craft.



Ellen Holland started working at Cannabis Now Magazine on April 21st because she was busy on 420. Holland is the senior editor at Cannabis Now and has also been featured in AlterNet, and The San Francisco Chronicle's GreenState. She served as the chief editor of the Big Book of Buds Greatest Hits as well as This Bud's for You with the legendary guru of ganja, Ed Rosenthal. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram @hollandbuds

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