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Issue 23
Print Edition (132 pages)
November 2016

What’s Inside Issue 23

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Editor’s Note By David Downs p.09
Letters / Contest p.11


Ultimate Stash Stuffer’s Guide: Super-cool gifts for under $30. The best bath products ever, hot winter fashions, sweet new grow gear, elite cannabis storage options and delicious edibles. p.70
Not So Secret Clubbing in Barcelona: A cannabis lover’s gothic fairy tale come true. By Dragonfly de la Luz  p.86
Hallelujah for Hash: Join an online Sunday service featuring the legends of extraction. By The Dank Duchess p.92
The Dutchies Pass to the Left Amsterdam weed royalty decamps for California. We visit Harry Resin’s ‘schwazzed’-out San Jose Garden. By Ellen Holland p.102


Dear Dabby Etiquette columnist and leading stoner comedian Ngaio Bealum weighs in on pot marketing to kids and the right way to ‘crossfade.’ By Ngaio Bealum p.14
Montel It From the Mountains: Why TV celebrity Montel Williams is hell-bent on keeping it real medicinal. By Ellen Holland p.16
Q&A: Don’t Say Reggae Pink Floyd, Radiohead, Michael Jackson and the Beatles’ reggae re-mixer Michael Goldwasser – on bashing down the walls of genre. By David Downs p.18
Mapping Cali’s Primo Cuts: Trademarks for ‘Humboldt’ are coming. We map the Golden State’s choicest appellations. By Ngaio Bealum p.38
Glass Profile: Artisan Chaka Explains why Pyrex is the ideal medium. By Oscar Pascual p.44
Mastering Drying & Curing: Icon Jorge Cervantes explains how to own what you’ve grown. p.54
Crowdfunding Canna-Dreams The massive crowdfunding platform Kickstarter is besotted with pot ideas. By Sean Quinn p.56
Green Power: Photographer Jesse Hull captures California’s energy in sky, earth and agriculture. p.60


Big Pharma Gets Green Light: Insiders to benefit as Uncle Sam opens the research cannabis supply chain. By Chris Roberts p.47
Arizona Fired Up: Once a backwater, Arizona is now blanketed with safe access to dispensaries. By Nate Nichols p.52


Philanthropy – On Weed: How cannabis brands are beating Google at charitable giving. By Susan Cohen p.29
How to Host a Canna-Dinner As canna-cuisine takes flight, a party host’s role evolves from ‘provider’ to ‘protector.’ By Rick Pfrommer  p.32 
Winter Buzz: Recipe for frightful weather: Canna-Creme Brulee By Laura Notini p.122


Feed Your Head – A leading neuroscience writer explains music-lover’s affinity for high listening. By Ted Andersen p.22
Pot vs. Pain: Read the research confirming cannabis treats chronic pain. By Alice O’Leary Randall p.34
Rehabbing With Reefer: Mounting evidence backs up patients using cannabis to ‘get clean.’ By Emily Earlenbaugh p.41
Print Your Own Paraphernalia: 3-D printed bongs and accoutrement attract hobbyists and startups. By Ellen Holland p.66
Quality Dab Assurance: Clean hash laws are coming online, but they need flexibility. By Greg Zeman p.98
Mechoulam’s Message: Father of medical cannabis Dr. Raphael Mechoulam writes us about cannabis for autism. By Ellen Holland p.110
The Next Hot Cannabinoid – Cannabigerol stops pain, without the stone. It’s an entourage party, and we brought the CBG. By Timothy Anderson p.106


Strain Profile God’s Gift: Re-trace the steps to the heaven-sent cross of OG Kush and Grand Daddy Purple. By Jimi Devine p.24
World’s Best Hash Bar: TruMed dispensary in Phoenix caters to resin aficionados. By Nate Nichols p.114
Cold Winter, Hot Films: Our heady holiday films to watch include Rogue One, Assassin’s Creed, Neruda and the Tupac Shakur biopic. By K. Astre p.119
So Easy, Cavemen Did It: We review Penguin’s historic new book, “Idiot’s guide to Growing Marijuana.” Reviewed by Dave Carpenter p.120

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