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Kiva Medical Cannabis Chocolate Bar

A Kiva edible chocolate bar sits outside of its box.

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Kiva Medical Cannabis Chocolate Bar

Judging by the packaging alone, the Kiva medical cannabis chocolate bar is a quality edible. The bar comes in a box bearing an image of a leaf pressing and the promise of a “higher chocolate experience.” Kiva comes in two strengths (containing 60 and 180 mg of THC). In both strengths the bar is basically the size of your average Hershey, and like its commercialized cousin, is wrapped in tinfoil and breaks easily into bite-sized pieces. Pressed into each chocolate square is the image of a ganja leaf. Even everyday smokers should feel the powerful effects of the medical cannabis in the bar.

The chocolate itself comes in flavors such as mint Irish cream, milk chocolate and blackberry dark chocolate. The chocolate flavor shines through, with only the faintest hint of cannabis as a reminder the chocolate is medicated, making Kiva a great option for those who may have an aversion to the taste of cannabis leaves or cannabutter-heavy edibles. Just a sliver of the triple strength bar has great pain-relieving effects and results in a pleasant buzz, leaving cannabis enthusiasts the option of exploring the outdoor environment or simply relaxing while watching a film.

First appeared in Issue 10 of Cannabis Now Magazine, on stands now.

Looking for Kiva? Please contact them for a list of supporting collectives in your area / $10 to $20 per bar

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