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How to Do a Dab with Coral Reefer


How to Do a Dab with Coral Reefer

Photos by Gracie Malley

How to Do a Dab with Coral Reefer

A step-by-step guide to getting the most from your dab.

Step 1: Prepare your dabbable material by scraping a single hits worth onto the dabber.
Step 1
Step 2: Use a butane torch lighter to heat the nail (the metal piece underneath the dab bowl) until it glows red hot. Heat the surface evenly and roate the torch around. Wait a moment after the nail achieves a light red glow. “You don’t want to dab red hot,” Coral says.
Step 2
Step 3: Place concentrate of choice on the exterior portion of the nail and inhale.
Step 3
Step 4: Use your carb cap to complete your hit.
Step 4
Step 5: Exhale, enjoy.
Step 5

Originally published in issue 11 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE.

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