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Travel Vicariously With These International Cannabis Features

International cannabis


Travel Vicariously With These International Cannabis Features

There’s a big wide world of weed out there.

Take a journey around the world without leaving your chair with our round-up of international cannabis stories, from sampling Moroccan hash in the Rif mountains with Ed Rosenthal to traveling through India with Swami and Nikki.

International cannabis

READ: Dutch Passion Spreads the Seeds

Legendary seed company Dutch Passion is moving towards creating an international cannabis product line.

A Journey to the Heart of Moroccan Hash

READ: A Journey to the Heart of Moroccan Hash

The homeland of hash production lies deep in the Rif Mountains.

READ: Fragrant Possibilities: Craft Cannabis in Canada’s Legal Market

Canada may be the first G-7 nation to fully legalize adult-use cannabis, but the country has deep roots when it comes to cultivating. At the dawn of a new era for legalized, corporate weed in Canada, one craft grower aims to bring the beauty of the bud back to the foreground.

Swami and Nikki Cannabis Now Magazine

READ: Surviving India Without Ganja

Longtime Emerald Triangle cultivators Nikki Lastreto and Swami Chaitanya try traveling sans cannabis.

International cannabis Sweet Seeds Spain Cannabis Seed Company Cannabis Now

READ: The Rock ‘n’ Roll Seed Scientists of Spain

Sweet Seeds, one of the biggest and most popular seed banks in Spain, has grown from a few friends smoking weed and swapping seeds to a major player in Europe’s rapidly developing seed market.

READ: Japan Among the Worst Places to Have Weed

The penalties for growing cannabis in Japan could be up to seven years in prison.

International cannabis

READ: Coral Reefer’s Guide to Cannabis Down Under

Cannabis-loving adventurers need to put Australia on their map now that the country’s pot policy is catching up to the early medical cannabis system in the U.S.

READ: Cannabis in Africa: Will 2020 Be the Breakthrough Year?

People have been growing cannabis in Africa for centuries, and now legal cannabis production has taken hold in some countries on the continent — with several more anticipating an embrace of the new industry on the horizon.

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