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Hash Review: Truth Serum

Photos by Greg Zeman


Hash Review: Truth Serum

The loose hash resembles light brown sugar and is mostly dry to the touch but has a distinctly resinous quality. The smell in the jar is pronounced but not overpowering.

Being a cannabis reporter means near-constant opportunities to try new products and meet the people behind them.

Sometimes that means checking out a grower’s R&D room and talking about their latest experiments with lighting and nutrients. Other times it means trying out a dabtech prototype with its inventor.

And of course, often it means sampling some of the finest cannabis and concentrates the industry has to offer, which is definitely nice work if you can get it.

Such was the case when I tried the Truth Serum full melt, by High Noon Extracts, one of the best in the business.

If you’ve read any of my other reviews, you know my preference in concentrates tends strongly towards high-stability BHO shatter. So my decision to review the Truth Serum, grown by KA Farms, is an endorsement in and of itself.

Evan X. is the man behind High Noon. As I’ve written elsewhere, he’s an all-American, blue-collar badass and a true renaissance man when it comes to crafting concentrates.

Most extractors specialize in a particular style, the way Icy Extracts focuses exclusively on producing stable, terpy, high-clarity shatter. I really need to review something from those guys…

But Evan has proven himself to me as a master of all extraction methods. From ice water and rosin (often in conjunction to fantastic effect) to solvent-based shatters and waxes, all of his creations are world-class quality in every respect.
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So when I told him I wanted to review a concentrate and he showed up to our meeting with some pressed bubble hash and a knowing grin, I knew I was in for something otherworldly.

When Evan presses his bubble hash into rosin, the result is something with glass-like clarity that puts many shatters to shame. But this isn’t rosin, it’s loose hash lightly pressed into a thin wafer that sort of resembles a thin strip of pineapple fruit leather.

Still, it has a pale gold translucence and peels away from the paper much the way some shatter would.

And this is where things get really fun, because not only do you get some very dabbable concentrate, you also get a “full spectrum” hash experience.

Sitting on a green park bench in Oakland, a literal stone’s throw from the waters of Lake Merrit, I prepared myself for just such an experience as Evan sliced score marks into the belt of pressed Truth Serum to make smaller strips, roughly the size of half a stick of gum.

“You don’t even need to press it out,” Evan chuckles in his thick Georgia drawl, “people just love the way it looks when I do. You can sprinkle the hash right on the nail though, it works the same.”

No matter how you get it on the nail, the flavor is a condensed rush of the fuel and pine Kush notes, but with the earthier, spicy complexity you’d expect from a full spectrum offering.

And like all High Noon products, the effects are simply mesmerizing. I found the loose, un-pressed hash to be an excellent addition to bong bowls and joints, and adding it was as easy as adding salt to your popcorn.

High Noon products can be purchased at SPARC in San Francisco.

What concentrates have you tried lately? Let us know in the comments below.

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