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Geomat: Making a Real-World Impact in a Water-Intensive Industry

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Geomat: Making a Real-World Impact in a Water-Intensive Industry

Learn how Geomat’s closed-loop water containment systems have provided an efficient and sustainable solution to this industry’s concern of water conservation.

Al DeChard was working a job washing off boats on a South Florida marina when he wondered where all the runoff was going. Rinsing off boats, all shapes and sizes, often caused chemical pollutants from the boat itself to enter the waterways. With nearly a decade of experience working in the boat and marine industry, he had a deep understanding of the industry’s level of adherence to environmental regulations, and the areas in which it was lacking. For boats, discharging of any contaminated water or pollutants overboard is identified by the EPA as a reportable violation for improper discharge.

With his insight and perspective, DeChard began toying with different ways to find a solution. He knew that with the right innovation, this water runoff could simply be prevented from continuing to enter the ocean and affecting wildlife or general water quality. And so, in 1996, his company Geomat was born.

Today, with over seven patented designs, Geomat specializes in one-of-a-kind wastewater recovery systems. Over the past 20 years, Geomat has provided environmental solutions to more than six different industries—from the marine and rental car industry and most recently emerging into cannabis – while collectively conserving and recycling thousands of gallons of water.  

water containment system
Geomat specializes in one-of-a-kind wastewater recovery systems.

Innovative Technology for a Global Concern

As the founder of the environmental water containment company, Geomat, DeChard invented two Geomat models designed to reduce, recycle and reuse wastewater and runoff in various industries and applications across the globe. Geomat is at the forefront of the sustainable movement in cannabis, providing a turnkey solution to cultivators and agricultural operations alike for a more clean, efficient and eco-friendly solution to water use in the industry.

Geomat’s patented closed-loop water containment system manages large amounts of wastewater caused by procedural sanitation or rinsing processes in various industries. As a closed-loop system, all wastewater is captured and collected through the Geomat unit and then sent through a patented filtration system to be recycled, filtered, cleaned and then piped back into the initial holding tank for reuse.

This patented closed-loop water containment system offers an efficient and sustainable solution to the cannabis industry’s concern of water conservation. Its impact results in a significant reduction in both waste, water and energy when compared to similar water filtration processes such as reverse osmosis (reverse osmosis creates an excess waste or by-product.)

The true value of Geomat systems lies in its beneficial environmental impact. Each and every Geomat application is designed to leave no environmental footprint. Any construction or deconstruction process is built to be low maintenance and low impact and can be simply relocated or expanded upon.

Geomat Helps Cultivators Conserve Water

During the initial few years that cannabis legalization began sweeping the country, Geomat recognized potential concerns that the rising demand for water in the cannabis could have on the environment. With water being an intensive resource in the cannabis industry, the federally illicit status of cannabis resulted in an imbalance in regulatory environmental compliance for cannabis. Due to this lack of regulation and conservation, it’s crucial for operations to find more sustainable and compliant ways to access this natural resource.

Of all the sectors emerging within the cannabis industry, consider the water usage of cannabis cultivation facilities alone. Between irrigation, nutrient application, humidification, cooling, cleaning, pest control and other non-cultivation procedures, one single cannabis grow facility consumes a tremendous amount of water daily.

water containment system
Geomat’s closed-loop water containment systems make cannabis water recycling more efficient.

However, depending on watering techniques and uses, 25% or more of the water used for plant irrigation turns into wastewater that runs off into the existing environment.

Cannabis water recycling is made efficiently possible with Geomat’s closed-loop water containment systems. No matter which irrigation or sanitation part of the process a cannabis operation is working through, all wastewater collected into the Geomat unit is simply recycled and reused without interruption to the outside environment or harmfully impacting surrounding natural resources.

On top of the various dependent factors that are associated with cannabis cultivation, Geomat’s systems can be scaled to fit any size or work environment, indoors or outdoors. For areas with stricter environmental ordinances for cannabis operations, Geomat systems can also be used to accurately track and report the amount of water your facility is using and recycling and report it to the state or local regulators.

Water scarcity has become a problem in recent years as well. Some of the largest state markets producing cannabis are experiencing record-breaking droughts and scarce natural resources. New Frontier’s data report called Cannabis H2O: Water Use and Sustainability in Cultivation suggests the total water usage in the legal cannabis industry will increase by 86% in 2025. With the market for cannabis growing at an annual rate of 18%, these issues will only worsen without proper policies and regulations on water use in the industry.

A Global Leader in Sustainable Agricultural Practices

Scientific evidence continually shows that there isn’t enough water in the world to keep using this natural resource in the irresponsible ways it has been used. Thankfully, companies like Geomat are working hard to create innovative solutions and lead the way toward more sustainable agricultural practices.

It’s never been more important to improve water efficiency in the world than now, let alone in the cannabis industry. We’re in a unique position to be the leader of sustainable agricultural practices and promote the conservation of the precious commodity that is water.

Last year, the company won the Benzinga cannabis award for Most Environmentally Friendly Operator, and the Cannabis & Tech Today Sustainability Award for water conservation.

water containment system
Geomat helps cultivators reap both environmental and economic benefits.

Water Containment Solutions for Cannabis and Beyond

There’s no doubt that water plays a crucial role in almost every industry. Geomat’s durable wastewater containment systems are designed to accommodate any industry in need of water quality and conservation.

Across all industries, Geomat systems are OSHA-safe and EPA-approved and can help facilities increase their green infrastructure and LEED score.  When it comes to the cannabis industry, Geomat has a proven record helping cultivators save water and therefore reap both the environmental and economic benefits.

For the rental car market, where car washes routinely occur after a rental, Geomat helps these companies properly capture, recycle and filter the wastewater produced in the process. Additionally, industries working with hazardous materials or in decontamination fields have utilized Geomat for its fast, safe, sustainable and efficient applications. Sediments or contaminants from these industries can pollute surrounding water supplies and damage existing environments.

Geomat’s long history working in decontamination and water conservation has helped various industries reach a higher level of sustainability. Are you ready to take the next step in implementing a greener operation? Geomat is here to help.

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