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5 Cannabis Flicks to Watch This Weekend

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5 Cannabis Flicks to Watch This Weekend

Cannabis culture hits the small screen.

Let’s be honest. There just never seems to be enough time to do everything you want to do in a week. Whether you have a traditional schedule that keeps you going from morning until evening during the week or have a more unfixed agenda that includes busy evenings, weekends or any combination of both, you know that your free time is incredibly precious. Finding a way to relax, decompress and get some rest in is usually a top priority on your days off and taking some time to zone out and watch something entertaining can be the easiest way to take a mental vacation.

The reality is that it’s difficult to give yourself permission to take a load off and do absolutely nothing, so please feel free to consider this is your official invitation to be as lazy as you want to be this weekend with no hesitation, no guilt and no shame. Check out the list below for some new shows and a couple throwback picks you might have missed on Netflix.


Kathy Bates stars as the main character Ruth Whitefeather Feldman, a zealous advocate for cannabis legalization who opens her own shop called Ruth’s Alternative Caring in Los Angeles, California in this original series. It’s the comedic brainchild of Chuck Lorre (“The Big Bang Theory”) and David Javerbaum and just premiered on Netflix last month (complete with its own accompanying strains) with mixed reviews, so you’ll have a chance to come to your own conclusions if you haven’t seen it yet.


If you’re interested in seeing how cannabis culture finds a way to not only survive but thrive in Thailand, then this three episodes mini-series that focuses on the origins of cannabis in the country, the slowly blossoming medical cannabis community and the emerging recreational scene in Thailand and Southeast Asia will be right up your alley. Sebastian Perry, who is also a producer for Coconuts TV travels through Thailand, talking with people who live there to get their perspective on the past, present and future of cannabis in their country.

The Culture High

The makers of the critically-acclaimed documentary “The Union: The Business Behind Getting High” made this documentary back in 2014 that presents perspectives on cannabis from doctors, teachers, legal representatives, business leaders, journalists and even some celebrities. It’s a balanced, nuanced look at federal prohibition, the political machine and lobbyists behind the War on Drugs and what the future may hold.


They say that there is nothing like a mother’s love and this documentary proves it. “Illegal” follows three brave and determined Brazilian moms as they try to get permission from the country’s government to import and use CBD oil — which was illegal when the documentary was made — to treat their children’s various types of epilepsy. It takes a look at the efficacy of the alternative treatment versus traditional treatment, all of the obstacles that are preventing them from getting what they need to improve their children’s health and the debilitating grip the pharmaceutical industry has on the country that keeps it from moving forward.


Snoop Dogg has switched back Snoop Dogg again, but if you blinked for one second five years ago, you may have missed the brief emergence of Snoop Lion after his life-altering pilgrimage to Jamaica. Learn more about reggae and Rastafari culture as the godfather of hip hop shares a glimpse into his personal life back in 2012 and try to guess why he went back to being his original canine self.

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