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A partially opened Bud Vault case shows the viewer the locking mechanism and space for your bud as it keeps it safe from theft, children, and pets.

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Budvault Safe

Bud Vault Safe manufacturers Ridgeline Safe & Vault are quite upfront about the intended uses of their best-selling model, the BV420: their website declares it to be a superior means “to keep your marijuana out of the hands of children, away from curious pets and secure in the case of theft.” Oh, how the world has changed.

Indeed, the BudVault would seem to ideally fit its announced purpose. Its 4” x 12” chamber is large enough to keep a personal stash for the most dedicated cannabis consumers. The safe comes with a snug-fitting cedar box for longer shelf life and a charcoal pillow to help absorb smells – both thoughtful yet optional touches. Its steel locking bolts, about an inch in diameter each, look and feel solid; its touchpad-powered combination lock clicks smoothly into place and lights up with LEDs, which can also illuminate the inner chamber.

No one wants their stash stolen and kids shouldn’t smoke pot. The BudVault helps to ensure that they don’t.

First appeared in Issue 8 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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