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A Jam Session With Flour Child

Photos By Gracie Malley


A Jam Session With Flour Child

Delectable and fruity but not overtly sweet, these medicated jams are pure enchantment in a bottle.

Green grass, blue sky and a beautiful summer afternoon – it’s like a scene straight from a postcard. We’ve gathered our picnic supplies to relax after the closing of another successful week in cannabis publishing and brought along a star selection: medicated granola and jams courtesy of Flour Child. Created with organic fruit such as strawberries and raspberries, the jams also contain a healthy amount of ice water hash. With a slow steady onset, this means our party won’t reach its true peak until after it’s over.

In planning for the outdoor affair we’ve gathered a selection of crackers, cheese and fruit. Flour Child’s professional packaging allows us to spread out our blanket and enjoy openly medicating while no one around us is the wiser. The jam comes in both indica and sativa offerings and can be easily spread on toast. But, why stick to standard? Because it acts as a sort of condiment, the cannabis creations with the jam appear endless. Mixing it with Flour Child’s medicated granola and a dollop of yogurt is an easy breakfast pairing and an incredible start to a stony day.

“We do our best to go straight to the source if possible so we really know where everything comes from,” says Flour Child’s co-founder Stephany Gocobachi. “All of the fresh fruit that goes into our jams and the dried fruit in our granola is sourced directly from small, local, organic family farms.”


Gocobachi and her partner, Akhil Khadse, both have backgrounds in the food industry – he was a sous chef and she was a produce-buyer, before they started the collective. And, like the fruit they use, it’s important for them to know the hash they put in their products is the best quality.

“Like our fruit, we want to make sure we are sourcing cannabis that is truly all-natural and free of contaminants of any kind, be it pesticides, or solvents like butane, which can be very tricky to avoid in the largely unregulated cannabis industry,” Gocobachi says. “To address this, we source only from reputable producers that we trust.”

Thus far, Flour Child has paired with The Hepburns to source ice water hash from hash makers such as French Laundry Fine Concentrates in Mendocino.

“We want the rest of the product to be just as healing to the body and to our communities as the cannabis portion of it,” Gocobachi says.

In addition, Flour Child pays careful attention to small details to ensure the jams are just as delicious as they are potent medicine.

“We like to treat [cannabis] as an herb, and do our best to pair the strain with the fruit we are jamming,” Gocobachi says. “Delicate fruits like apricots and peaches can be overwhelmed by darker, earthier hashes, so we find a nice, bright citrus-forward strain like Lemon Diesel to pair with those. Darker fruits like plums and blackberries can take a stronger flavor, like the CBD-rich Rick Simpson oil we use in our CBD rich-strains.”


For our jam party, we sampled the decadent strawberry indica jam on brioche toast with brie cheese and peach slices, and added small dollops of the raspberry sativa jam to our flutes of sparkling lemonade. Each well-balanced bite elevated our traditional picnic fare to a higher level of culinary bliss. As the sun began to set, we packed up our jam and granola to save for another day — but even though the picnic was ending, the high was just beginning.

What are some of your favorite cannabis-infused treats to eat? Share them with us in the comments.

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