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Wax On: HBC Solvent-Free Wax

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Wax On: HBC Solvent-Free Wax

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Wax On: HBC Solvent-Free Wax

Our concentrate chronnoisseur dabbles in hyperbarometric chamber  wax – one of the purest, strongest extracts on the market.

Buried deep in the pages of Ed Rosenthal’s latest book, “Beyond Buds,” I unearthed something that, as a health-conscious chronnoisseur, made my mouth water: solvent-free wax that excels not just in high-flavor or cannabinoid content alone, but the holy grail of all three. The book describes HBC solvent-free as tasting and smelling “stronger than any other wax,” with effects noticeable immediately upon exhalation.

“For some,” it states, “there is no going back to solvent concentrates, and this is the only item they look for.”

HBC is a truly solventless process of cannabinoid extraction that’s possible only in a laboratory using sophisticated, scientific instruments unavailable to the general public. Instead of requiring solvents such as butane/BHO or alcohol like the majority of concentrates, the HBC method extracts cannabinoids via a hyperbarometric chamber – hence its name. Finally, a high-performance solvent-free wax for those who love to dab or long to, but are leery of the chemical processes and residues left behind in most concentrates.

HBC is revolutionary in the world of healthy cannabis consumption. The process uses a combination of low temperatures (-40 degrees Fahrenheit) and extremely high pressure, paired with a proprietary filter designed not for filtration, but attraction. Unlike typical extraction processes that filter by particle size, the manufacturer says the HBC method pulls cannabinoids, terpenes and other compounds from plant material based on molecular density. The result is a rich, golden wax that sparkles with trichomes and a multifaceted high that’s positively stratospheric.

“We don’t screen things out,” the manufacturer explains. “We screen things in.”

Layered and dynamic, HBC makes for an astonishingly multidimensional buzz. For example, the Mr. White strain tested in at a glass-shattering 85 percent THC. A voluptuous, psychoactive experience such as this is partially due to the synergistic effects created from HBC’s ability to retain the full spectrum of cannabinoids. It’s this extensive cannabinoid profile, in synergy with unusually high levels of terpenes, that contributes so much to the stunning high. These components create an “entourage effect” that Dr. Ethan Russo has reported can enhance the effects of THC up to four times.

“With HBC, patients only need to use about a quarter of the amount they normally use and they’ll still get as high as they would dabbing four times that amount in concentrates that lack these components,” the manufacturer says – something I learned instantly the first time I tried it.

“We developed HBC to be the best of both worlds,” they add. “We have the equivalent of six giant engines (primary cannabinoids) and we have hundreds of boosters (secondaries, terpenes and compounds) on top of it.”

The end result is a turbo-boosted super-engine in every dab. If experiencing THC without synergistic effects is akin to an a cappella sound, then HBC’s panoramic highs is like closing your eyes in the middle of a symphony. It’s not just the high that HBC amplifies — it provides the full range of the plant’s therapeutic benefits, which only the broad spectrum of cannabinoids and terpenes can produce.

When it comes to terpenes – the smell and flavor factor of cannabis – HBC has higher numbers than just about anything on the market. Beyond Buds states, “People are often surprised the first time they inhale [HBC] because there is such a huge difference in the amount of flavor you experience.” That’s because with precious few exceptions, most products have a terpene profile that hovers in the 2-4 percent range. HBC tastes and smells so impressive because it reaches terpenoid content up to 16 percent – something virtually unheard of in the world of extracts. It’s these rich terpenes that are responsible for the consistency of HBC being a little tackier than other waxes, which, although it does not affect its dabability, can cause the wax to soften slightly at room temperature. For a solvent-free product capable of highs unparalleled in all of cannabis, this hardly seems an inconvenience.

Flavor isn’t the only place terpenes leave their mark on HBC. The unusually high terpenoid content makes the wax noticeably dense, which in turn contributes to the product’s appearance. When spread thin, HBC appears light golden blond. However, due to its sheer density, its color carries an otherwise deeper hue. (This density is also partly responsible for the fact that a little goes such a long way.) And while on one hand, high terpene content is one of the most desirable features of cannabis, in this case it also creates a unique challenge. Despite the fact that HBC is completely solvent-free, most cannabis consumers still equate darker-colored concentrates with solvents or impurities. There simply haven’t been many high-terpene products on the market to change this perception before now, and though the chronnoisseur knows better, the casual cannabis consumer likely does not yet realize that the presence of these highly-prized terpenes can cause even the purest wax to take a darker tone. In any case, HBC isn’t a product one dabs for its looks. HBC is what one dabs to experience the outrageously potent, teeming-with-terpenes, fully solvent-free holy grail for the health-conscious cannabist.

Attaining up to 98 percent total cannabinoid content and reaching THC levels of 85 percent, HBC is one of the purest, strongest extracts on the market. No other concentrate on the scene today – solventless or not – matches HBC’s holy trinity of high potency, flavor and pure cannabinoid content. Couple this with the entourage effect it promotes, and HBC becomes one of the most heady, holistic and – possibly – healthy choices a cannabis consumer can make.

“Beyond Buds” notes that HBC can be difficult to find in stock, so count yourself among the lucky if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. With strains like Shark Shock, Fire OG, Skywalker OG, Trainwreck, Fire Wreck, Querkle and Mr. White, HBC offers something for every palate and is sure to please even the most discerning dabster.

Originally published in Issue 16 of Cannabis Now. LEARN MORE

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