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Editor’s Note p.07
Political Update By Roger Maple p.12
Artisan Hash: Master hashishin Frenchy Cannoli crafts an enduring, boutique product By Ellen Holland p.18
The Fruits of a Hemp Economy By Ellen Holland  p.22
Hemp’s Legal Cannabinoids By Jeremy Daw p.25
In Defense of Fruit By Rick Pfrommer p.28
Green: A Field Guide to Marijuana By K. Astre p.32
Strain Review: Jack Herer By Dru West p.44
Medicated Meditation: Unwinding and centering with a ganja yoga practice By K. Astre p.48
Budding Opportunities: Careers in Cannabis By Aseem Sappal p.53
Kimmo Glass: Cosmos-inspired Glass Art p.60
Film Review: Degenerate Art By Timothy Anderson p.62
Under the Radar: Medicating in a cannabis prohibition state can mean shady, back-alley deals, inferior weed—and for all too many, jail time By Ben Miller p.64
Wax On: Hyperbarometric Chamber Wax By Dragonfly De La Luz p.70
Chronic and the Forgotten Illness: Medicating for Lyme Disease By Rae Lland p.75
Keep off the Grass:
Activism at Berlin’s Görlitzer Park after a zero tolerance cannabis policy was enacted By Morgan Hasenfuß p.78
The Greenest Mayor:
Cannabis Now Talks with Robert Jacob By Dave Carpenter p.83
Politicians Weigh In
Seattle’s Finest:
Solstice Rides the Wave of Change in WA By Ellen Holland p.88
Dabbing 101
By Laura Notini p.97
Dispensary Profile: 
New Mexico’s Minerva p.103
6 Steps to Cure your Meds
By Dru West p.105
Product Spotlight:
Miss Mary Jane Co. Amerijuana Weed Leaf Bikini, Dime Bags: Rollies Pouch, Mouthpeace, Tommy Chong Futurola Roller, Method Seven Coup HPSx Transition Glasses, Vapium Summit Dry Herb Vaporizer, Blanks Prerolled Papers, White Rhino Bong  p.108
Catching Vibes: Reggae in the Hills
By Brandon Krenzler p.115
Edibles Recipe: Cannabis Mocktails
By Laurie and Maryjane p.119

Cannabis Now is a group of individuals passionate about the topic of cannabis and the debate surrounding it.


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