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Video: Introduction to Terpenes

Photo By Gracie Malley


Video: Introduction to Terpenes

If you’ve ever thought it was all about the THC, this video will definitely teach you otherwise.

There’s so much to know when it comes to understanding how and why cannabis is such a powerful plant-like, how the body processes THC and CBD and why it’s been considered one of the earth’s most effective medical treatments for seemingly incurable illnesses from cancer to epilepsy. On top of all of the deeply fascinating science, there also some more whimsical components to cannabis including that dank, unmistakeable aroma so many have come to love and cherish.

In this video from Leafly, you’ll learn more about terpenes and exactly what makes some strains smell sweet, fruity and light while others possess that classic skunky musk. Terpenes vary from strain to strain, imbuing your favorites like Blue Dream, Trainwreck or Sour Diesel with healing properties that range from relaxing to energizing. They also have the ability to interact with other compounds in cannabis by binding to cannabinoid receptors.

What are some of your favorite terpenes? Tell us in the comments.

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