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Product Review: Cloud V Phantom

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Product Review: Cloud V Phantom

The experience of vaping dry herb with a CloudV Phantom feels a lot like sipping a tasty cup of coffee first thing on a cold winter morning. The mouthpiece is comfortable and wide, allowing for a slow, deep draw and the single optimized heat setting — fixed at the pre-combustion temp of 428 degrees Fahrenheit — is ideal.

Buds never taste burned like they can with some dry herb vapes. A bit of Cherry Pie for the first few runs on the Phantom was a treat and brought out a sweet flavor combined with a subtle nuttiness that wasn’t as easily detected in a joint or pipe. The vape is physically attractive, too, with a mostly matte black finish and a no-slip, textured grip that fits perfectly in your hand. It also has a good heft and rock-solid, elegant casing which gives the impression that an accidental drop wouldn’t render the vaporizer a paperweight.

The accessories that come with the CloudV — a dual tamper-scoop, tweezers and pipe cleaner — are made of stainless steel and are actually useful, not just tchotchke extras thrown in as an afterthought. Being a fairly powerful vaporizer, the battery life is more than adequate. With moderate use of two to three times a day, the 18500 rechargeable battery lasted for a few days. It has a clear light system when powering up, dismantles in seconds for thorough cleaning and stows away nicely in a coat pocket. If you’re in the market for a practical dry-herb only vape pen, the CloudV is a solid buy— a straightforward vaporizer that’s sleek, sturdy, easy to clean and simple to operate.

$129.99/ Click here to purchase.

Originally published in issue 13 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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