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Level Up With Kasher Lighter Tool

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Level Up With Kasher Lighter Tool

Sleek, aesthetic and made from solid metal, the Kasher significantly increases the functionality of your lighter.

What began as a humble paperclip wrapped around a lighter has morphed into a multipurpose tool that every toker needs in their kit. We’re talking about the Kasher lighter tool; it’s a solid metal lighter accessory that fits your Bic or Clipper lighter to significantly increase its functionality.

“Once people get used to having a Kasher on their lighter, they literally can’t go without one,” Andrew Sweeney, founder of the Kasher, told Cannabis Now. 

Making It Happen

The Kasher origin story is an intersection of ingenuity and action. Tired of wasting time looking for a poker to clean his pipe and pack his joints, Sweeney wrapped a paperclip around his lighter to always have something on hand. While the paperclip was by no means sleek or temporary, it worked well enough to give Sweeney the idea that he might have landed on something extremely useful for all the cannabis lovers out there. He recognized the need for a seamless, useful, appealing and long-lasting instrument that bolstered one of society’s most commonly used objects: a lighter.

Most people believe that once they can come up with a “million-dollar idea” they’ll be set—and Sweeney was no exception.

Starting his journey fresh out of college with nothing but a laptop, cell phone, and a pile of student loan debt, Sweeney moved to Portland from Idaho after graduating in Business from the University of Idaho. He spent the next six months sleeping on his brother’s couch while he worked on his business plan and how to get investment to launch his product.

With nothing but prototypes in hand, Sweeney beat the pavement and scoured the streets of Portland for smoke shops, head shops, convenience stores, gas stations, liquor stores, and pretty much any other store that sold lighters. He had to convince the buyers of these stores to give him a purchase order without any product to deliver for up to six months or more. Sweeney had to visit well over 150-200 stores before he finally had a stack of about 20 orders he could take back to the bank, and he did exactly that. To his joy, the bank decided to give Sweeney a shot. They agreed to loan him enough money to manufacture his first production run and officially launch his product. 

For the next four years, Sweeny waited for his Kasher patent to be granted and issued a United States Utility Patent. When that day finally arrived, he took the ultimate entrepreneurial leap of faith and quit his job to continue to pursue his dream and bring Kashers to people all around the world. Sweeny went all in—and has never looked back.

Today, Kasher Inc is still headquartered in Portland, Oregon, but now has its own standalone building, a retail storefront, warehouse & office space. To date, over one million Kashers have been sold worldwide, and there are over 20 models based on the initial patented concept, including luxury necklacescelebrity collabs and more.

“Our company’s ‘why’’ has evolved into one simple statement: ‘Make it happen’,” Sweeney said. “We aim to encourage Kasher users to take action in their lives; if something needs to be fixed, take initiative and fix it.” 

This positive, can-do attitude is also reflected in the brand’s mission, which is to help change the negative stigma cannabis users face.

“Our mission is to help erase the stigma so that cannabis users will be treated like any other person. We feel strongly that cannabis is much safer than alcohol. However, the world still doesn’t see things that way. [We want to] help show the world that cannabis users are smart, productive and extremely valuable members of society.”

Why You Need A Kasher

Available in either stainless steel or titanium options, the Kasher features a strong, thick metal tip that won’t bend or break. The Kasher has evolved from a niche product intended to clean pipes, into a must-have tool for a range of jobs that call for a powerful, blunt, tiny instrument with a smooth and curved surface. 

“When we first started, our niche was a pipe tool for your lighter,” Sweeney explained. “Now, we have expanded that reach to a ‘multi-use lighter tool’ with uses ranging from a pipe tool, dabber, joint packer and blunt slicer to a box cutter, package opener, self-defense tool, mini flathead screwdriver and much more.”

How the Kasher Lighter Tool Can Improve Your Life

Kashers were created to solve basic but unsolved tasks. Five of our favorite uses for the Kasher lighter tool include:

1. An Effective Pipe Cleaner

Cleaning out your pipe and bong bowls will become a lot easier with the Kasher lighter tool. As residue builds up in your pipe, it will start to affect both the functionality and form. The flavor of your flower may begin to suffer when used with a filthy pipe, meaning you miss out on those sought-after terpenes. Why smoke bud that tastes like ash? A pipe that’s been unclogged with the Kasher allows smoke to move through it more smoothly, so you get a better experience.

2. Perfect for Packing

No more searching for the optimum tamping stick—you’ve found it! The Kasher makes it easy to pack the ends of your joints, blunts and spliffs so you get a smoother smoke.

3. Swiftly Cut Hemp Wicks

A hemp wick is a waxy bit of hemp string that ignites easily, keeps an even burn and doesn’t have an unpleasant aftertaste to tokers using it to light their pipes. The Kasher lighter tool quickly and efficiently cuts through hemp wicks, twine and other threads by simply rubbing the twine along the stem of your Kasher.

4. Box Opener

Leave your knives in the kitchen drawer where they belong! Use your Kasher to open all the delivery boxes that arrive at you at the door.

5. Highly Effective Marketing Tool

Looking to get your brand out there to people that will actively engage with it? Kasher produces strong word-of-mouth promotional products that are unsurpassed by other marketing items. Think about it. What’s the one thing most cannabis consumers will always have in their pocket? You guessed it—a lighter. By laser engraving your logo on Kasher lighting tools, you get your brand’s name directly in the hands of potential customers. It’s an inexpensive, yet efficient way to promote your brand in your community and beyond.

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