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Discover the Top Strains of Montana’s Sovereign Woods

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Blueberry Tahoe/Photos courtesy Sovereign Woods


Discover the Top Strains of Montana’s Sovereign Woods

Montana-based dispensary. Sovereign Woods, showed Jesse Barney some of their three most popular strains; Blueberry Tahoe, Holy Grail, True Blue, and The Rosin concentrate mix.

The golden sun was hanging in the mid-afternoon sky as we cruised the beautiful remote road to the Sovereign Woods grow house in Bozeman, Montana. Ryan, an owner of Sovereign Woods Dispensary, then greeted us and took us through his immaculate grow. After we had admired his ladies for a spell, we went to the lounge area so Ryan could tell me about three of his strains and a concentrate mix he makes.

Blueberry Tahoe

Blueberry Tahoe was a clone-only strain gifted to Sovereign Woods about seven years ago. It’s the legendary Tahoe OG from Tahoe — one of the first two OGs. The strain is pretty widespread throughout the Gallatin Valley as a lot of different providers have it. It makes amazing concentrates. The Blueberry Tahoe has a sour berry taste to it. Comparable to an IPA, it gives you a happy, relaxed feeling. The effect is highly sedative. It just sets you back and puts you in your seat. That makes it good for before bedtime, nighttime, or anytime you want to unwind.

Holy Grail

Holy Grail is a cross between OG 18 and Kosher Kush, both from DNA Genetics. This strain is a marriage made under the stars, earning DNA many awards.. The OG 18 at Sovereign Woods is a tall sativa-leaning OG. It’s got looser buds and it’s dark green in color. The taste is earthy, but then also expresses that Kush on the exhale. The effect of the Holy Grail is more of that OG feeling, a body high, but it will last a lot longer than other OGs because of the sativa influence. It’s got wheels.

True Blue

True Blue was another gifted strain. It’s a DJ Short Blueberry that he reworked himself, so it’s basically his Blueberry version two. It’s a lot chunkier and shorter. The original Blueberry was much taller and was very stretchy. With True Blue, on the other hand, Sovereign Woods saw compact growth. The True Blue smells and tastes like blueberry muffins to me, but the flavor and smell profile can change over the grow. The dried bud smells like blueberry muffins or cake. It has a bready undertone, giving it a sort of yeasty taste. Smokers say True Blue is “worker weed.” You can smoke it during the day without being completely spaced out. It’s a high that’s kind of in the background. It’s great for aches and pains and for just coasting along during the day when you still have things to do. It definitely works for motivation, unless you overdo it.

Concentrate: The Rosin

The Rosin was made by Pure Concentrates. Sovereign Woods partnered with them, and Ryan says working with Pure Concentrates has really stepped the businesses’ game up to the next level with their concentrates. The Rosin tastes like berries, but it almost has a cheesy flavor on the exhale. It’s good for pain.

by Jesse Barney

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