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Dark Star: This Soothing Strain Will Melt Away Your Tension

Dark Star Strain
PHOTO Anna Wilcox


Dark Star: This Soothing Strain Will Melt Away Your Tension

Dark Star can inspire plenty of laughter, but some may find that this plant is better suited as a sedative after a long and hard day of work.

If you’ve ever traveled around the countryside, the occasional smell of skunk as you pass tree-rimmed farmland may not bring back the fondest memories. Yet, that otherwise putrid aroma is transformed into something truly enjoyable in the Dark Star strain.

Breaking open a dense, lime-colored flower releases a striking scent of forest earth. An almost acid-like sweetness tickles the nose, offering the first hint as to this plants’ teasing psychoactive nature.

The Dark Star High

Some cannabis flowers are upbeat and giggly, while others are more collected and contented. The Dark Star strain is akin to the latter, inspiring a slow and soothing physical high. After a few tastes of this pungent bud, a creeping relaxation sends a comfortable, vibrating energy through the chest and limbs.

PHOTO T.H. Seeds

The strain is a little on the sedative side, therefore it is not uncommon to feel that tension in your face and around the eyes dissipate. Dark Star might inspire some heavy eyelids, allowing you to let go of stress you weren’t aware that you were carrying. Understated, yet inviting, this plant is an evening flower that would make an excellent companion for post-dinner relaxation.

However, as with all psychoactive substances, the plant often acts more as an enhancer than a catalyst for radical change.

If you’re having a bad day, for example, a few tastes of the earthy Dark Star can help you unwind and kick back. Yet, the plant does not provide an instantaneous route to happiness or good health. Rather, the herb may simply lend a helping hand toward these goals when consumed with the right mindset and in the right environment.

Dark Star Strain Background

Breeders at T.H. Seeds are the geniuses behind Dark Star. An excellent flower for growers in wet climates, this strain was created with mold and mildew resistance in mind.

A cross between Purple Kush and Mazar I Sharif, this plant doubles down on indica genetics. While strains in the indica category are not always the sedative, couch-locking flowers they are made out to be, Dark Star certainly fits the bill.

PHOTO T.H. Seeds

With a dense bud structure and peaking purple coloration, this flower is a proud representation of its lineage. Purple Kush is considered a pure indica flower with Northern Californian roots, while Mazar I Sharif is a less common find with its origins rumored to be from the Northern Afghanistan.

The combination produces a stalky plant with high yields and substantial amounts of rich trichomes. Lab tests have revealed that the herb boasts upwards of 16 percent THC. This doesn’t make Dark Star the most noteworthy flower on the shelf, but don’t underestimate this plant’s potency.

Dark Star Strain Benefits

At this point most are aware that there’s much more to cannabis than THC percentage. Cannabis can produce upwards of 400 different chemical compounds known as terpenes.

Dark Star produces two distinct terpenes: myrcene and beta-caryophyllene.

Myrcene, a musk-scented molecule that is more commonly found in lemongrass, may have muscle relaxant and hypnotic properties, that give Dark Star a sedative effect.

Beta-caryophyllene, which gives a pepper-like aroma to cannabis flowers, is not as sedative as myrcene, but it is thought to have relaxing and anxiolytic effects.

Combined with the potential muscle-relaxant properties of myrcene, this flower is one mellow lady. This herb is likely best for those who need both mental and physical relief from stress. So, it is perhaps best saved for the evening.

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