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Strain Review: Shark Shock

Shark Shock Cannabis Now Magazine
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Strain Review: Shark Shock

Our intrepid ganja chronnoisseur, Dragonfly, travels the world in search of the best cannabis and evaluates strains ranging from the popular and plentiful to the rare and exotic. She samples each strain in joints, glass bongs, vaporizers and bubblers, whenever available, taking careful notes of the smell, taste, and nuanced effects of each one.

Shark Shock is the sparkly pairing of Black Widow and Skunk #1.

Its flowers have an instant calming effect that widens into overall contentment. While this strain can be hard to come by, its dreamy high makes it well worth searching for.

A product of the Netherlands, Shark Shock was bred by Mr. Nice’s Shantibaba. The strain tests up to 20 percent THC, and thanks to the sativa influences from both hybrid parents, its effects are remarkably well-balanced.

The smell: On the live plant, Shark Shock possesses an intense aroma of dank, fruity sweetness. Once cured, the darkly sweet scent combines with an unmistakable skunk underscored with a nose-tingling pungency.

The dry hit: Pre-flame, Shark Shock floods your taste buds with the crisp flavor of green apples, sour citrus and sweet apricot. A subtle hint of eucalyptus rounds out the back end.

The taste: A mark of fine cannabis everywhere, Shark Shock strongly coats the tongue. The flavors are pungent and herbal, reminiscent of cloves, eucalyptus and cedar, with a dank and skunky bottom end. In unison, the flavors create something reminiscent of a mildly sweet musky cologne, followed with an aftertaste that recalls spicier versions of arugula.

The high: Shark Shock is a remarkably functional hybrid. If you light it up in the light of day it can have a mildly energizing effect. The onset is instant, inviting easy laughter and a general sense of well-being. Don’t expect to be a master conversationalist on Shark Shock; its effects are noticed more in the body high than the head. Its soothing, relaxing qualities make Shark Shock an ideal choice for watching a movie or unwinding at the end of a long day. It’s also a perfect pre-game for a massage or soaking in the hot tub. And rumor has it that Shark Shock may have aphrodisiac effects.

Though one wouldn’t expect it from an indica-dominant strain, Shark Shock is highly conducive to creativity. This is where its faint sativa lineage shines. Writing, making music, strategizing, brainstorming and complex problem-solving are all enhanced after a Shark Shock sesh.

The word: Few strains can match Shark Shock’s ability to enhance relaxation and place its users in an instant state of euphoric calm. But as famous as it is around the world, Shark Shock can be difficult to come by. When you find this strain, it’s time to light up, lean back and enjoy.

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