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Strain Review: Grape Romulan

Bright Green Grape Romulan Plant
Photo by Taylor Kent

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Strain Review: Grape Romulan

This particular strain is a cross of Romulan Joe’s Romulan with a California purple indica. Also known as “Mendocino Joe, ” Romulan Joe was considered a legend in the outdoor growing scene for successfully breeding an almost-pure Afghani with amazing medicinal qualities due to its narcotic stone and superior strength. The Romulan cut made its way up to Vancouver in the ’80s and became a part of Federation Seeds stable, where it was backcrossed and seeds were made available to the world. Sometime later the Romulan clone made its way back to Northern California and was crossed with a purple indica. The purple indica most likely was not a pure indica with its sativa grandparents’ characteristics shining through in the Grape Romulan.

This sample from Creekside Organics was something spectacular. While growing in the vegetative stage, Grape Romulan had the appearance of a sativa. Once budding started, the indica traits came on like no tomorrow, presenting lush, pink hairs and beautiful hues. The plant’s growing cycle was complete in under eight weeks of light deprivation and appeared to be dipped in sugar and salt, as the crystals were sparkling on the buds. Unfortunately, the pink hairs vanished after drying, but they did transform into beautiful vivid orange hairs with rock solid nugs.

While it does have a grapey smell, Grape Romulan’s smell and taste is very complex and is more along the lines of a pure bubblegum flavor. The high is intense and narcotic — it comes as no surprise that this sample tested at 21 percent THC. It often felt like taking a dab when smoking a bong hit. The effects could be felt long after the smoke and would most likely be beneficial for people suffering from debilitating illnesses, as the effects were strong and not only cerebral, but physical as well.

Lineage: Romulan x California purple indica
Indica/Sativa: Romulan is a beautiful hybrid that grows like a sativa, but with obvious indica bud patterns
Flowering time: Just over eight weeks
Expected Yields: Moderately high with extremely dense and resinous buds containing a high crystal content

By Victor Vega

Originally published in issue 14 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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