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Product Review: Randy’s Roots Hemp Rolling Papers

Joint in Randy's Rolling Paper with Lighter


Product Review: Randy’s Roots Hemp Rolling Papers

There’s nothing worse than that inescapable burning taste masking the flavor of an extra dank strain when smoking an expertly-rolled joint. Luckily, there’s a way around that. Your lungs will thank you for choosing these organic, vegan and unbleached hemp rolling papers that are purposely thinner than the standard papers most commonly used. An added bonus is the 100 percent stainless steel wire built into the paper that supports you as you roll up and serves as a steady base for the joint when it’s smoked.

The wire doesn’t emit any fumes when heated and, as it becomes exposed while smoking, you can just bend it back out of the way and then use it as a roach clip when things get down to the nitty gritty. These papers are well-suited for both the casual roller as well as the expert who twists up designer joints that require bending and manipulating their creations into imaginative shapes. They’re not just another novelty product, these papers are purposeful and practical.

$2.49 – $2.75 / Click here to purchase

Originally published in issue 13 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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