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Dab Strain Review: Mr. White HBC Solvent-free Wax

Ed Rosenthal takes a dab in his backyard | Photo by Gracie Malley

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Dab Strain Review: Mr. White HBC Solvent-free Wax

Anyone who’s ever seen “Breaking Bad” will recall that crossing Heisenberg hasn’t always been a good idea. But, crossing the Heisenberg strain with The White has turned out to be a genius move. A heady hybrid of mostly sativa influences, Mr. White in flower form induces instant energetic euphoria that slowly transitions into content calm. The HBC solvent-free extraction process gives the wax version of this strain a multidimensional high that is absolutely unprecedented.

Ed Rosenthal’s latest book, Beyond Buds, describes HBC solvent-free as “tast[ing] and smell[ing] stronger than any other wax,” with effects noticeable “immediately after you exhale.” However, in my experience, the effects were felt even before exhaling.

“For some,” states the book, “there is no going back to solvent concentrates and this is the only item they look for, often coming up empty-handed” due to the sheer rarity of the product.

Something at once so obscure, yet lauded in Rosenthal’s book as “the only thing on the market comparable to the Clear.” Naturally, I had to try for myself.

Developed in a laboratory by something of a mad scientist who keeps a low profile, HBC is a truly solventless process that, instead of using solvents like butane/BHO or alcohol, extracts cannabinoids via hyperbarometric chamber  – hence the name. It combines extremely high pressure (raised to several atmospheres) with well below freezing temperatures (-40 Fahrenheit) and uses a proprietary filter that sort of works in reverse: instead of screening particles out, it screens cannabinoids in. The result is a deep golden wax that can literally sparkle with trichomes and a multifaceted high that is positively stratospheric. Finally, a high-performance, solvent-free wax for those of us who love to dab or long to, but are leery of the chemical processes and residues left behind in most concentrates.

Finally — a high-performance, solvent-free wax for those of us who love to dab or long to, but are leery of the chemical processes and residues left behind in most concentrates.

The flavor: Beyond Buds says, “People are often surprised the first time they inhale [HBC] because there is such a huge difference in the amount of flavor you experience.” This is because most cannabis has a terpene profile that hovers in the 2-4 percent range. HBC solvent-free, on the other hand, averages 10 percent terpenoid content, although it’s been known to reach up to an incredible 16 percent. Mr. White’s earthy, spicy, subtly sweet scents are thus preserved and enhanced in a way that’s almost unheard of among concentrates.

Flavor isn’t the only place terpenes leave their mark on HBC. The unusually high terpenoid content makes the wax noticeably dense, which in turn contributes to the product’s appearance. When spread thin, HBC appears light golden blond. However, due to the sheer density of the wax, its color carries a deeper hue. (This density is also why a little goes such a long way, so let “a little dab’ll do ya” be your mantra.) In any case, HBC isn’t a product one dabs for its looks. HBC is what one dabs to experience the outrageously potent, teeming-with-terpenes, fully solvent-free holy grail for the health-conscious cannabist.

The high: When I dabbed the sativa-dominant Mr. White HBC for the first time, I took only one hit – not even the full chamber – and before I could exhale, it was already too late. I felt my head quickly fill up with shimmering bubbles, like someone popped open a bottle of champagne inside my head. The look on my boyfriend’s face as his mouth fell open and his widening eyes watched my massive exhalation float to the ceiling said it all. Mere minutes passed before I realized I was literally the highest I’ve ever been. Not in a bad way, either. I suddenly felt simply amazing, body, mind and soul. And it didn’t matter that I wasn’t sure whether I could walk or not. Ladies and gentlemen, I was floating in space. I’ve since learned to modify my dosage so I don’t blast off so hard like the first time, but I haven’t dabbed any other product since.

Testing out at a bong-shattering 85 percent THC, Mr. White HBC would be worthy of spirited praise based on potency alone. But HBC doesn’t just rely on its super massive THC content to bring you its trademark expansive highs, it also retains the full spectrum of cannabinoids, on top of extremely elevated terpene counts. These components create a unique synergy or “entourage effect” which studies show enhance the effects of THC up to four times, giving HBC a high unparalleled in all of cannabis.

Mr. White HBC promotes feelings of excited happiness, inspired creativity and well-being, lending itself exceptionally well to engaged social interaction. Active listening and energetic conversation abound in this clear-headed high. From a medicinal perspective, expect this strain to elevate your mood, enliven your senses and melt away depression like sunshine melts the clouds. My ideal choice for a wake-and-bake, Mr. White is highly energetic from start to finish. Nevertheless, in situations where it’s desirable, such as snuggling, this strain has the power to soothe, relax and calm.

The word: Mr. White HBC Solvent-free is one of the only concentrates on the market that appeals to the health-conscious cannabis consumer, and it’s likewise sure to please even the most discerning dabster. Mr. White HBC is my go-to dab, whether I’m seeking creative inspiration, celebrating, or just to rise out of a slump. With strains like Shark Shock, Fire OG, Skywalker OG, Trainwreck, Fire Wreck, and Querkle, HBC is the only thing I feel safe dabbing every day.

Beyond Buds notes that HBC can be difficult to find in stock, so count yourself among the lucky if you happen to be at the right place at the right time. Currently, the only dispensary in the Bay Area that carries it is Grass Roots in San Francisco, but it’s worth asking around for, as the manufacturer is actively expanding.

To read more about The White, check out our strain review in issue 15 of Cannabis Now Magazine – coming soon!

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