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Strain Review: Canndescent’s Calm 101

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Strain Review: Canndescent’s Calm 101

Calm 101 is aptly named — nothing but relaxation awaits after puffing this Canndescent strain.

We rolled up a heaping Raw cone’s worth of Canndescent’s Calm 101, ground to perfection, to test out this strain. The California-based cultivators, who present strains under their intended effects rather than through strain names, say the Calm 101 “sedates the mind and body, allowing the world to melt blissfully away,” and we can’t help but to agree. As we smoked this strain on a California street corner, the effects of the world did seem to wash away in a puff of smoke.

The Calm 101 smells like a redwood grove, an amalgamation of salt air, soft ferns and earth, and results in a potent stone. This strain would be best for an evening at home before bed. It’s the type of flower you enjoy after a long hot bath of soaking in lavender terpenes and ready for a restful night.

Canndescent offers a number of different types of selections under five main strain categories: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge. We recommend you dive in and find the effect you are looking for.

Canndescent really wants people to be able to curate their own cannabis experience towards their current lifestyle. These strains are not intended to be stand-alone experiences, but rather to play into the activities we’re already taking part in. If your plan is to walk across the Golden Gate Bridge and have a picnic on the Sausalito side, we’d stick to Cruise 201. Calm 101 is for chilling at home. We suggest rolling up a joint of Calm 101 and watching a classic movie that features the iconic bridge, so instead, you’ve got the makings of a strain date with Steve McQueen in “The Chase.”

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