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Cruise No. 201: Energize Your Body & Calm Your Mind

Photo courtesy of Canndescent


Cruise No. 201: Energize Your Body & Calm Your Mind

Canndescent’s innovative effect-based naming system offers a simple, intuitive way to dial in your cannabis experience, and the “Cruise” suite of strains definitely lives up to its name.

With thousands of strain names out there — few of which provide any real information about the effects of the flower —  picking out the right herb for your personal needs can be overwhelming.

Add to that the similarities in both name and phenotype for some popular options (do you want the Phantom OG or the Ghost OG? Do you know the difference? Does your budtender?) and it’s easy to see how daunting the selection process can be, especially for those new or returning to cannabis after many years.

Thankfully, the innovators at Canndescent created their own system for classifying their high-grade cannabis, which relies on broad but specific expressions of the cannabis experience: Calm, Cruise, Create, Connect and Charge.

So when a strain is selected by Canndescent’s cultivators, they don’t come up with a name based on the geographical location of the grow or the flavor associations of the terpene profile, they test the effects and assign it to one of the five effect groups.

To better understand how Canndescent categorizes these effect categories, think about the old “head high” versus “body high” dichotomy: judge the effects of column A (head) and then column B (body) using the rough criteria of “is it stimulating or relaxing?” If it stimulates both mind and body, it would fall under the Charge category, where as a strain that relaxed body and mind would be classified as a Calm strain.

In the Cruise category, you have strains that are physically stimulating but mentally relaxing, and the star of this review — Cruise No. 201 — is a perfect expression of that experiential dynamic. The high is clean, energetic and productive.

If you’re using the weekend to get some work done around the house — maybe it’s time to clean out that garage or closet — Cruise 201 is an excellent option for adding a little pep to your step and keeping things relaxed and fun while you work. Alternately, if you just want something that’ll boost your mood and calm your nerves, this could also be the ticket.

The hand trimmed flowers are well-cured and burn evenly, making for a pleasant smoking experience. The flavor is a soft expression of the terpene profile — a mild melange of berry sweetness with a gentle whisper of herbaceous zest.

Cruise 201 offers a satisfying cannabis experience worth exploring.

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