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Spooky Halloween Strains

Strains for Celebrating Halloween


Spooky Halloween Strains

The only politically-correct holiday of Croptober these days, All Hallows’ Eve has always held a special place in the hearts of cannabis professionals and enthusiasts.

This Halloween will be no different, with more exciting options than ever for your haunted high. Here’s the list of the most terrifying trichomes of 2016.

Ghost Train Haze

The Spookiest Choo Choo of them all, Ghost Train Haze is always worth picking up any time of year. A fantastic cross between what was believed to be the Ghost cut of OG Kush and Nevil’s Wreck, connoisseur grade phenotypes of the Rare Dankness-bred strain were popping up all over California and Colorado in the early 2010s. In 2015, its #13 phenotype placed as the number one sativa in the US at the Cannabis Cup, while the original took home Best Colorado Sativa.

Phantom Kush

California’s Bay Area gets in the mix with this offering from The Purple Legend himself, Ken Estes. Phantom Kush blends Ken’s boutique OG Kush cut with what must have been an excellent version of Cherry Pie and Grand Daddy Purple, better known as Pink Champagne.

In 2012 Ken took home second place with this creation at the ultra-competitive NorCal Cannabis Cup. The bay area is also home to the USS Hornet, supposedly the most haunted ship in the US Navy.

Jack the Ripper

Who knew the Terror of London would have such a fun terpene profile?! From the gardens of the Weed Nerd and the TGA crew, Jack the Ripper blasted onto the scene in the mid-2000s along with the rest of the Jack’s Cleaner family of genetics produced by Subcool. It was making all the major Strain of the Year lists of note before the cannabis cup even existed in the US.

Zombie Haze

You’ll be fearing the walking heads with this one. Zombie Haze from the folks at Sumo Seeds is a pairing of two of the classics. You start with one of the best hazes left in the world with Amnesia Ganja Haze, an offspring of the famed Amnesia Haze from Soma seeds, and pair it off with the original White Widow. The resulting sativa dominant hybrid will be sure to keep you at a brisk lifesaving walking pace, unless it’s the World War Z zombies, in that case call Brad Pitt immediately.


While a strain named after the art of making shoes may not sound spooky, when you’re a half mile from the most famous occult execution grounds of the 13 Colonies it spices things up. Also Massachusetts’s first dispensary, Alternative Therapies Group of Salem opened in 2015 steps from where the Salem Witch Trials of 1692 ended for many at Proctor’s Ledge. Their Cherry Pie x Girl Scout Cookies cross is the most authentic kind of Spooky.

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