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Treating Breast Cancer with Cannabis

Breast Cancer Cannabis Now
Photo courtesy of Bōsm Breast Health Oi


Treating Breast Cancer with Cannabis

Despite clear promise in treating the symptoms associated with breast cancer as well as research showing a reduction of tumor growth in animal trials, cannabis remains an inaccessible therapy for many people across the world.

In this light, several cannabis companies are spreading the good word to perpetuate breast health and raise awareness during Breast Cancer Awareness Month and beyond.

For Raea, the owner of Bōsm Breast Health Oil, the message is about “self-love through the act of self-care.” Raea created her cannabis-infused oil designed to restore breast tissue after helping her mother battle Stage 4 breast cancer.

“Bōsm has grown up into a preventative formula, but its roots were in my mom’s personal need to find something healing that did not exist yet,” she says. “It is amazing!”

Raea’s passion for her product originated from a personal place, but then evolved into a desire to share what she and her mother had learned about caring for their breasts, more specifically what self care one can do before a problem arises.

“One in eight women will face breast wellness challenges in her life and zero in eight women I reach out to are doing anything to prevent a health crisis. I want to change that,” she says. “There are many things we can do for our breasts — iodine, castor oil packs, bentonite clay masks, eating well.

“My biggest message revolves around breast massage, every day, when we take off our bras. From there I can introduce several other additions of self-care rituals that are meant to build body acceptance and also awareness. Simply touching and connecting with our breasts, we can receive messages through our intuition about places we need healing.”

Raea uses ingredients that have been traditionally used to promote breast health for her blends.

“The carrier oils (castor and evening primrose) are meant to stimulate the lymph system and the essential oils are specific for apoptosis and anti-inflammation,” she says. “The cannabis oil is liposomal, thereby entering the cell and triggering the natural Krebs cycle for detoxification. The problem is that our breasts store toxins easily in the fatty tissue which is sponge-like. This oil and the massage is designed to help the cells to punch out the toxins stuck inside and then the bloodstream to carry them out the armpit.”

Other companies, such as Bloom Farms, gave back this month by sharing patient stories of healing as well as pledging a $5,000 donation to the Susan G. Komen Circle of Promise. In addition, Illegally Healed shared vital research statistics and promoted a line of clothing displaying a pink pot leaf and reading “Here’s my ribbon.”

As more states aim to push forward with adult- and medical-use marijuana on Nov. 8, these companies will remain aligned with dozens of others in the continued effort to spread information about the healing powers of our favorite flower.

Have you used marijuana as a medicine? Tell us about your experiences.

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