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Smokebuddy Supports ‘Forgotten Not Gone’ Efforts to Save Veteran Lives

Forgotten Not Gone
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Smokebuddy Supports ‘Forgotten Not Gone’ Efforts to Save Veteran Lives

Smokebuddy is proud to be affiliated with Forgotten Not Gone’s efforts to engage veterans into an active and social life, away from depression and suicide. 

Smokebuddy is a convenient device for smokers and nonsmokers alike. The personal air filter spares others — and the environment — from clouds of smoke and the harmful particles in them. Users blow smoke directly through one end of the device and odorless air comes out the other.

The company launched in 2008 with the mission to help tobacco and cannabis smokers keep their smoke to themselves. Exhaling directly into the chamber effectively reduces secondhand smoke and eliminates smells so friends, family and neighbors are none the wiser to your smoking sessions. Non-smoking room? No problem. Staying with family? You’re covered!

When Smokebuddy customers invest in the personal air filters, they not only invest in cleaner air, they support charities and community-based youth programs. The company actively supports children’s hospitals, sports teams in Southern California and organizations such as the Las Vegas Victims Fund and Forgotten Not Gone.

Forgotten Not Gone is a nonprofit dedicated to saving veterans and their families from suicide. According to the organization, 22 veterans commit suicide every day. Forgotten Not Gone’s mission is to get veterans physically active and interacting with society so they don’t become isolated.

According to the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, veterans are 20 percent more likely to commit suicide than non-veterans. While many people simply thank vets for their service and pay their dues on select holidays, Smokebuddy wanted to do something more and teamed up with Forgotten Not Gone to help raise awareness and provide financial support for the non-profit’s mission.

Greg Gorski, Smokebuddy’s founder and CEO, was introduced to Forgotten Not Gone’s Co-Founder, Peter Guidry at a recent trade show, and immediately he wanted to get involved to assist former military men and women at risk. As part of its goal to promote physical and social activity to keep veterans engaged with the community, Forgotten Not Gone’s Las Vegas facility hosts nearly 30 customized recumbent trikes (three-wheel bikes with electronic assistance) and other bikes free of charge. The organization also hosts events and Veteran Trike Brigades.

In accordance with Smokebuddy’s mission to support charitable causes, part of the proceeds from the sale of its personal air filters go directly to the organizations they support. So, when you use your Smokebuddy product, you are helping more than just the people around you.

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