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Smoke Trap’s Eco-Friendly Stoner Solution

Smoke Trap
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Smoke Trap’s Eco-Friendly Stoner Solution

Smoke Trap personal air filters are designed with the stoner in mind. With replaceable, eco-friendly air filters, it’s a hassle-and-worry-free way for more discreet cannabis consumption.

The story behind Smoke Trap personal air filters begins like a stereotypical college stoner story. Brandon Shroyer and his college buddies were attempting to find a way to cover up the smoke and smell of cannabis in their dorm room. They used toilet paper with dryer sheets, countless bottles of Febreze and strongly scented sprays, and even ran a steamy hot shower on full blast.

As you can imagine, none of the usual absurd odor-eliminating tactics seemed to do the trick. One high idea and many “test seshes” later, the Smoke Trap was created.

The mission of this personal air filter device is simple: to provide cannabis enthusiasts with a more enjoyable, discreet and effective experience by addressing the challenges of eliminating smoke and odor. As straightforward as the company’s mission is, the air filter device itself is even simpler. Sometimes, less is more.

Using zero-plastic replaceable air filter parts, consumers can use the Smoke Trap time and time again. This is a more environmentally friendly option, as the replaceable parts are kinder on the environment, and you’ll only ever have to buy one device. If you need a way to hide smoke when lighting up, Smoke Trap gives you an easy and discreet way to enjoy your session, no matter where you are.  

Designed With Stoners in Mind

Long before the turn of legalization, stoners have been worrying about the lingering smell of cannabis. During his high school and college years, Shroyer himself had personally encountered the challenges of attempting to mask the smell of weed. It was an ongoing concern for him and his friends that he knew needed a solution.

In 2015, cannabis was legalized in Oregon, Shroyer’s home state. This turn of legalization buzzed excitement throughout the state, inspiring him to launch a product for the recreational market and join this newly budding community. And so, he came out with Smoke Trap—a more sophisticated response to the problem of weed smell. Yes, much better than toilet paper and dryer sheet contraptions.

As a premier personal smoke filter, this is the ultimate product that fills the void of a classic stoner issue. However, it isn’t just made for “stoners” trying to hide their consumption. Yes, the stereotypical stoner might always be sneaking a hit, but there are indeed many demographics that at times may need a reliable way to hide cannabis smoke and odor.

Designed with advanced filtration technology, Smoke Trap gets the job done. While Smoke Trap may have “stoner” origins, this simple but effective device is ideal for anyone who needs to mask cannabis smoke.

Smoke Trap Technology

The Smoke Trap personal air filter is harnessed with advanced filtration technology and uses a specialized HEPA filter and an activated charcoal filter to not only cover up the scent, but also to remove the smoke and odor effectively.

For better portability and accessibility, Smoke Trap is made with a form-fitting rubber mouthpiece and a sleek, discreet design. Replaceable filter cartridges are available for both models, making it a more cost-effective product for reuse. With replaceable filter cartridges for these personal air filters, you can simply avoid the hassle of having to purchase a whole new filter each time. In all, the cost of purchasing air filters to replace within the Smoke Trap product is substantially more cost-effective in the long run.

Not only does this reusable feature make it easy for users, but it’s contributing to the company’s zero plastic waste efforts—which is what makes Smoke Trap proudly stand out among many of its smoke filter competitors.

Smoke Trap reusable air filter
3D printed prototype from 2017.

Reusable, Eco-Friendly Air Filters

Smoke Trap users love their personal air filters for the replaceable filter options, instead of giving in to purchasing a whole new unit or extra, unnecessary plastic materials. In addition to its eco-friendly replaceable parts, each aspect of the device comes with a thoughtful advantage for users.

The Smoke Trap+ filter is long-lasting for extended use, with a water-repelling pre-filter screen to keep your personal air filter dry. This unique moisture barrier pre-filter screen is designed to collect moisture from spit or saliva from exhale, before reaching the Smoke Trap filter. This hydrophobic pre-filter can also be taken out and washed for reuse.

Smoke Trap 2.0 is a smaller, pocket-sized version of the original Smoke Trap+ that is ideal for travel and on-the-go adventures. In comparison to its competitors, the larger surface area of the Smoke Trap filter creates smoother smoke and an easier inhale.

No Smell, No Worries

What started as the tricky issue of hiding cannabis smoke and odor suddenly became a sustainable and efficient solution for stoners all around. Through countless trial and error smoke sessions and experimental prototypes, Brandon Shroyer and the Smoke Trap team didn’t just find a simple stoner solution but created a personal air filter product that users can feel good about using.

Today, Smoke Trap is the longest-lasting, eco-friendly personal smoke filter on the market with easy and discreet smoke. With each exhale, users can count on no smoke, no smell and no worries.

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