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Say Goodbye to Problematic Pests With Essentria® 

Essentria cannabis pest control


Say Goodbye to Problematic Pests With Essentria® 

The Essentria® product line from Zoëcon offers cannabis and hemp growers the tools needed to protect their crops from spider mites, aphids and more, using natural ingredients.

In today’s competitive cultivation market, cannabis and hemp growers are looking for natural pest control systems to safeguard their crops against bothersome bugs such as aphids and spider mites. Products like the Essentria® line from Zoëcon Professional Products fit the description, giving growers ecologically friendly FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticides that maximize control. 

Zoëcon is committed to giving cultivators the resources they need to control insect populations and avoid further infestations. Essentria® products were developed by expert entomologists and chemists using a robust research and development effort. That’s why Zoëcon offers a diverse product portfolio that includes botanical formulations that provide growers with effective pest control.

Essentria® Insect Control Products Offer a Greener Solution

As cannabis growers search for alternatives to traditional pesticides, they’re discovering a category of products regarded as minimum-risk that is becoming more prominent in the industry: FIFRA 25(b) exempt pesticides—like the botanically-based products under the  Essentria® brand.

So, what does that mean?

The Federal Insecticide, Fungicide, and Rodenticide Act (FIFRA) is legislation that regulates the distribution, sale and use of pesticides that “will not generally cause unreasonable adverse effects on the environment.” Under FIFRA, the US EPA has exempted some pesticides from federal registration; these exempt products pose little or no harm to people or the environment. These exempt pesticides are considered a minimum risk, under FIFRA 25(b), and many of these exempt pesticides contain natural essential oils. According to the EPA, a pesticide must meet six criteria to qualify for this status:

  1. The product’s active ingredients must only be those listed in 40 CFR 152.25(f)(1).
  2. The product’s inert ingredients may only be those the EPA has classified as acceptable.
  3. All ingredients (active and inert) must be listed on the label. 
  4. The product must not bear claims to control or mitigate organisms that threaten human health or insects or rodents carrying specific diseases.
  5. The producer’s name or company for whom the product was produced and the company’s contact information must be displayed prominently on the product label.
  6. The label cannot include any false or misleading statements.

Formulated with essential oils and fortified with industry-leading botanical knowledge, the range of products from the Essentria® family of FIFRA Section 25(b) exempt products are perfect for the needs of green-minded cannabis growers.

Essentria® G Granule Insecticide 

Gardeners and cultivators alike have utilized essential oils to manage pests for years. Certain plants’ natural chemicals can kill and repel a range of pests without hurting the environment or the people who utilize them. 

Using a blend of botanical-based essential oil-derived insect repellents, Essentria® G Granular Insecticide provides broad-spectrum, hassle-free bug control in a granular formulation. 

The product comes in an easy-to-apply granular format to protect growing sites against various labeled pests—so there is no need for specialized tools or detailed instructions. Furthermore, it gives pest control specialists the freedom to treat a variety of outdoor sites thanks to its FIFRA 25(b) exempt certification. 

What makes this unique product so powerful is the inclusion of innovative Octopamine blocker technology that allows for quick knockdown and is ideal for general pest control.

Octopamine is a neurotransmitter found in insects that regulates heart rate, movement, behavior and metabolism. Since mammals, birds and fish don’t have octopamine receptors, the botanical oils used in Essentria® G Granular Insecticide won’t negatively affect them.

If problematic pests are causing problems for your cannabis crop, the team of experts at Zoëcon is ready to help you find your perfect Essentria® product solution.

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