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Cheeba Chews Cannabidiol/THC Mix for Pain Relief

A chocolatier cuts squares of medicated chocolates at Cheeba Chews.


Cheeba Chews Cannabidiol/THC Mix for Pain Relief

Photo courtesy of Cheeba Chews

Whether or not most edibles available in legal states today can be called “medical” is debatable. But, as we have seen, so is the concept of “medical marijuana,” while the law in most states permits medical use of marijuana, dispensaries often serve the recreational community by default as well.

As we enter the era of legalization and the medical industry matures, some great products have found their way to dispensary shelves, which have revolutionized the way patients use marijuana medicinally.

Recently, I picked up a quad dose of Cheeba Chews Cannabidiol (CBD)/THC mix for pain relief at Buds & Roses Collective in Studio City, Calif., as an experiment for treating symptoms of Crohn’s Disease.

I was immediately struck by the packaging. Not only is it clean and appropriately labeled to distinguish it as a medical product, not a piece of candy, it also has marking along the side, kind of like a stick of butter, that demarcates each of the 17.5mg THC doses contained in the single chew. This marking allows patients to accurately monitor their THC/CBD intake and observe results in a more scientific manner than just eating a cookie and waiting to see what happens.

I obtained my first medical marijuana recommendation in California in 2005 but have avoided most edibles because they were too sugary, too strong and were hardly ever labeled in a way that I could make sense of what I was putting in my body, what the effects would be and how long they would last.

By dividing the chew into eight 8.75mg THC doses I was able to do something rarely done with a standard edible — titrate my doses and find the right balance for me. Normally, I recommend those new to edibles to try a tiny sliver of the product they have obtained and wait up to an hour to feel the effects and determine the best dose for them.

The power to measure my dosage and document the effects has been revolutionary for me, even as a longtime medical cannabis user. It is much easier to start with “8.75mg” than “a sliver.” The chews taste and look like a Tootsie Roll.

The effects of the Cheeba Chew set in much quicker than a typical edible, likely because they infuse the chews with cannabis oil rather than cannabis extracted into butter.

In states where medical marijuana is legal; doctor’s can recommend you use cannabis but rarely can they give you advice about dosage or method of ingestion. Patients are responsible to determine the best means of consumption for them. Edibles have become a means of heavy dosage for recreational and medical users alike, but for those new to medical marijuana the Cheeba Chew is a much needed tool in cannabis therapy.

Not only were the effects instant, they were long lasting, clean and powerful. As the dose sets in, pain melts away and if you’re trying to sleep, sleep you will. Every time I have taken a dose before bed I have slept 8-10 hours, no easy feat for an insomniac and caffeine junkie.

Cheeba Chews has made a convert and a preacher out of me. Not only are the chews delicious, the quality and effects are consistent with every single dose. These are what “medibles” should be and I am excited to see Cheeba Chews expand and develop new medicines.

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