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Releaf App Helps You Zero in on the Right Cannabis for Your Needs


Releaf App Helps You Zero in on the Right Cannabis for Your Needs

The most advanced user interface team to ever enter the cannabis industry wants to help you track your favorite strains down to the batch.

A creation of the Washington DC based Automata Studios team, who previously worked with organizations like NASA and The Smithsonian, Releaf App tracks the strain-specific effectiveness of cannabis by each session the user has with a particular batch of medicine. A batch is the inventory grouping given to a strain from one harvest. As an example, if you grow 10 plants of Sour Diesel all the medicine you harvest will be the same batch. As regulation has increased across medical cannabis markets it’s become much easier to narrow down the identity of medicine via lot numbers from dispensaries and laboratories.

Releaf Cannabis App In Session

“Rather than giving a definitive, ‘This will be good for you.’ We’re more, ‘here is a way of tracking your usage so that you can see your own patterns in what works for you and what doesn’t,” said Releaf app Chief Technology Officer Branden Hall. “Because it’s not just about the strain, one of the biggest factors of all is in how it was grown.”

The tracking mechanism is a well thought out, yet simple to interact with session system. It was designed with founder Franco Brockelman’s mother in mind, meaning ease of use won’t be an issue with America’s fastest growing group of medical cannabis users senior citizens, or any one else for that matter. Before medicating, a patient enters identifying information on the strain including name, various cannabinoid levels, and terpene content.

From there you’re ready to go, when you start medicating press the puff button and your session has begun. During the session a slider on the right is used to rate the intensity of whatever symptom you’re medicating for. You’re also able to track the different physical and psychological effects, whether the medicine is leaving you drowsy, couchlocked, and various other options. The Releaf team recommends letting the sessions go for at least 20 minutes to acquire the most accurate data set from the experience possible.

After the session you’ll be asked to grade the experience and then provided with the data on how that particular incarnation of a strain worked for you.

Releaf Cannabis App In Session

The more interactive you are with the app, the better the data is. By using the symptom slider alone, the app has tremendous value, but when you really dial in all the bells and whistles available you get an excellent perspective on your experiences with various cannabis strains. When the Releaf data set is expanded over a large number of people, you get an excellent outline of how particular symptoms are reacting to various strains. While the app is still a very personal experience, with a committed user base and the increased variables that come with it,  the sky’s the limit on determining the effectiveness of various phenotypes across the country.

Releaf App is currently working on a slew of upgrades, and will be adding various products and features over the coming months. The Releaf app team even built a small robot that helps them track their progress in gaining users and sessions. Every time a patient signs up to Releaf or does a session, the robot plays a steel Hapi drum which can be heard around the Releaf office in Takoma Park, Washington DC. Making people feel better keeps the team motivated and very literally is music to their ears.

To download the Releaf App free visit

Releaf Cannabis App trackerThis article is sponsored by Releaf App. By letting Releaf know how you feel throughout your sessions with cannabis, it will help you recognize successful patterns in your usage—what worked for you, how long did it last, and how did it make you feel—so that you can feel better, faster and with greater confidence and comfort.

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