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Purr Glass 10mm Pocket Sherlock

A Purr Mini-Bong sits on a bathroom counter along with a lighter and makeup items.

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Purr Glass 10mm Pocket Sherlock

This compact little Purr Glass bong is perfect for a day at the beach, the park or camping. It works as both a male (dab nail) and female (flower bowl) bong and can easily be filled and emptied with fresh water on the go.

All Purr Glass bubbler pipes have the Purr-characteristic perforated downstems, meaning every hit or dab is filtered completely through cool water before you inhale it, making for a smoother, tastier hit. These pieces are not just beautiful showpieces in your collection, but also the most convenient way to get a clean bong hit on the go.

First appeared in issue 10 of Cannabis Now Magazine. LEARN MORE.

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