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The revolutionary egg shaped Herbalizer sits ready for inhaling on a white table.



Owning a tabletop vaporizer is the true upper echelon of cannabis consumption. Gone are the trappings of lighters, resinated bowls and hits where the ash accidentally gets in your mouth. In their place, thick vapor hits of premium cannabis so smooth and clean that you’ll clearly taste the flavorful terpenes, which make the cannabis plant so beautiful and varied.

While there was a time when the only trusted tabletop vaporizer in the game was the Volcano, the Herbalizer shows that as the cannabis culture basks in exponential growth across the globe, so does the advancement of vaporization technology.

Very little could be simpler about vaporizing with the Herbalizer, or Herbie as its creators call it. Plug Herbie in, open the clamshell covering and pack a well-ground bowl into the chamber. Then choose the vapotherapy button, set the temp – 370 degrees is a recommended start – let it heat for a few moments then place the mouthpiece and balloon on and fill the bag with choice ganja vapor. Pass the bag around and share with friends. The vaporized chronic bowl will seemingly go on forever and take everyday smokers into a next-level high.

Herbie is a true friend; the little machine has a tiny screen with fun messages such as “powered by dolphins” and is able to heat quickly due to its halogen heat lamp. The Herbalizer’s technology allows the machine to sense the ambient temperature inside the vape, and adjust the heat to maintain the temperature. Get stoned enough with Herbie and you’ll swear it’s breathing in and out to ensure your cannabis never tastes burned.

All you have to do to turn the machine off is close the shell, but even if the Grandaddy Purple has confined you in the notorious “couchlock,” the Herbalizer will switch to a bubbly screensaver mode and await your return.

A seldom-used feature, the aromatherapy button, will even allow you to blow essential herbs like lavender around your home, but may we recommend the Lavender Kush instead.

Click here to purchase / $729 or click here to enter a contest to win a free Herbalizer!

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