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A green disc labeled "Puff-N-Pass" sits waiting to have a hit then thrown as a frisbee to the next person in the circle.

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The bowl was packed. The lighter was at hand. The editor of this magazine took a long, smooth hit and exhaled with satisfaction. Then he threw the pipe away. His friend caught it 20 yards down the field. It was the legendary Puff-n-Pass, the world’s first combination pipe and flying disc.

Since the game of Frisbee and smoking have gone hand in hand since time immemorial anyway, the clever inventors of the Puff-n-Pass thought, why not combine them in a single inexpensive package? The result is transcendent. The Puff-n-Pass flies well enough, although it will never compete with 175-gram regulation Ultimate discs on this count. What is more impressive is that the Puff-n-Pass’ built-in bowl stays reliably packed no matter how many times it flies through the air or comes crashing back to Earth.

The makers of the Puff-n-Pass claim that it is a novelty item “not intended for continual use.” The Cannabis Now staff respectfully disagrees. This is one pipe every smoker will want to puff, puff, pass around the circle, time and time again.

First appeared in Issue 9 of Cannabis Now Magazine.

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