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Psychedelic Water Updates Blend, Launches ‘Good Mood Mix’ That Taps Into the Power of Kava

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Psychedelic Water Updates Blend, Launches ‘Good Mood Mix’ That Taps Into the Power of Kava

The folks behind Psychedelic Water have been busy, recently launching a ready-to-mix powder version of their mood-elevating blend, as well as releasing ‘Psychedelic Water 2.0,’ an improved version of their original canned beverage. 

For the uninitiated, Psychedelic Water first splashed onto the scene in 2021, promising a new way to catch a mood-boosting, socially stimulating buzz without the negative effects of alcohol. Using a blend of kava root and other botanicals, the drink quickly found its way to the shelves of trendy stores like Erewhon, Urban Outfitters and Foxtrot and into the hands quickly of sober-curious people looking for a healthier alternative to booze.

The brand’s new powder product, dubbed ‘Psychedelic Good Mood Mix,’ features the same mood-enhancing effect as the canned beverage, now in a compact sachet made to take on the go. The new format opens up a lot of possibilities when it comes to mixing; flavored seltzer, still water, lemonade, you name it; all can now be transformed into relaxing, mood-enhancing libations with a stick of Psychedelic Good Mood Mix. 

Meanwhile, Psychedelic Water is better than ever thanks to a new set of sweeteners, simplified ingredients, and a brand new active ingredient—velvet bean.

Whether you’re at work, at the beach, watching a movie, or hanging out with friends, Psychedelic Water fits right in. They’re making water way more fun and giving customers an enjoyable alternative to alcohol for all life’s adventures.

Good Mood Mix Brings Added Affordability and Convenience 

Psychedelic Good Mood Mix is available in two flavors (Blue Raspberry and Watermelon) and is packaged in slender, lightweight packages akin to the popular Liquid IV. While Psychedelic Water’s canned drinks certainly have their time and place, Good Mood Mix makes it easy to add good vibes to whatever you’re drinking. Simply pour one packet into about 8oz of water to start and then stir until the powder dissolves. You can add more powder or more water until you find the sweet spot that works for you. 

Sold in pouches containing 14 powder packets, you can easily keep some on hand at the office, throw a stick or two in your purse or pack, and keep some in the car. Beyond added convenience, the herbal kava powder blend also gives you more control when making mocktails

Good Mood Mix
The new Good Mood Mix is available in convenient sachets.

Updated Psychedelic Water Improves on the Original

The team behind Psychedelic Water has been cooking up this new version of their blend for the last 6 months. It was worth the wait.

The improved Psychedelic Water features new sweeteners, removing monk fruit and replacing it with stevia for a more balanced sweetness. The team has also simplified their flavor formulas, relaunching with better-tasting versions of their Blackberry + Yuzu and Hibiscus + Lime flavors. Finally, they’ve replaced the active ingredient damiana with velvet bean. This new ingredient plays a similar role in the blend, supporting and enhancing the mood-elevating effect of kava, but without the bitterness of damiana, making it the perfect upgrade to Psychedelic Water’s mood-elevating blend.

Good vibes only.

Meet the Star Players

Psychedelic Water’s products are specially formulated to deliver naturally uplifting vibes thanks to two main ingredients: kava (250mg) and the newly-introduced velvet bean (75mg).

Kava is a completely legal psychoactive plant and its popularity is on the rise. It’s a natural source of relaxation that melts away stress and leaves you with warm, happy feelings. As Fiji’s national drink, South Pacific islanders have been enjoying kava root as a social beverage for generations.

Velvet bean is rich in psychoactive tryptamines, phenols, and tannins and contains L-DOPA, a precursor to the pleasure chemical dopamine, making it the perfect accompaniment to kava in Psychedelic Water’s quest for good vibes. 

Keep in mind, the blend’s effects are subtle. These products are designed to be session-able, like light beer—it’s not a “happy pill” that will solve your problems. Think of it more like an enhancement—a way to add a sense of calm and enjoy the present moment. You can expect a tingling sensation on your tongue followed by a subtle sense of calm relaxation. 

Using all premium ingredients, Psychedelic Water’s products offer a cleaner, healthier option for people who want to skip alcohol but still enjoy a little buzz. Their low-calorie products are vegan, non-GMO and gluten-free.

As one five-star review shares, “I bought these because my husband and I are trying to cut back on alcohol but still need something to help us unwind at night.  This is a great product to help with that! It tastes great and helps take the edge off of a long day. I really enjoy not waking up to a hangover thanks to this!” 

Are You Ready to Join the Psychedelic Revolution?

Psychedelic Water aims to shine a spotlight on how psychedelics can improve lives. And while their canned beverages and Psychedelic Good Mood Mix are only mildly psychoactive thanks to the power of kava and velvet bean, we love that they’re giving consumers an appealing way to get acquainted with plants they might otherwise steer away from. It’s about erasing the stigma and being open to life’s possibilities. We can’t wait to see what they come up with next. For now, we’ll let the good vibes settle in.

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