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My Bud Vase Intersects Femininity and Cannabis

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My Bud Vase Intersects Femininity and Cannabis

As the #1 gifted bong, My Bud Vase® combines femininity and the power of cannabis with its signature line of artisan bongs and functional flower vases.

Through intricate artisan design and craftsmanship, every My Bud Vase® flower bong is designed to be “Smoking Made Beautiful,” elevating your consumption ritual to a whole new level. It’s form and function at its finest.

The story of My Bud Vase® starts in 2015, with a classic circumstance many discreet cannabis consumers find themselves. When an unexpected visitor knocked on Doreen Sullivan’s door, her afternoon smoke sesh suddenly turned into a “Quick! Hide the bong!” type of dance. She quickly grabbed her phallic-looking bong and hid it behind her flower vase. That’s when her “a-ha moment” occurred—she realized that her beautiful flower vase was the same shape and size as her heady glass piece.

Today, eight years later, Sullivan and her team at My Bud Vase® design bongs that look like flower vases, but they’re definitely not designed to be hidden away. Instead, their exclusive line of vintage and artisan bongs are created to hide consumption in plain sight—these premium cannabis bongs double as chic home decor.

With a long history in product design and development, Doreen Sullivan, founder and CEO of My Bud Vase®, also boasts extensive experience in award-winning entertainment marketing. She’s a passionate cannabis activist and creative genius with years of experience.

“To be a woman who is experienced in global product development and a life-long consumer is a huge advantage in today’s fast-growing cannabis industry,” Sullivan says. “It’s a joy to create bongs that people take pleasure in using and displaying.”

Sullivan has pioneered an entirely new smoking accessory category made from gorgeous vases with the spirit of intersecting femininity and the power of cannabis. Now, let’s take a closer look at what makes these one-of-a-kind pieces so special.

Not Your Average Flower Vase

With both a Vintage Artisan and Signature Collection, My Bud Vase® offers over 25 chic smoking bongs. Each unique artisinal bong has its own personality and story to tell. Make a splash for the ocean lover in your life with the Mermaid flower bong or gift the elegant Stardust glass flower bong to blend in with the Waterford crystal that you’ll be showing off at your next dinner party. No matter what you choose, a beautiful ceramic or glass flower bong and vase is the perfect addition to any cannabis holiday party or for elegant daily decor. With a My Bud Vase® for every personality and aesthetic to choose from, it’s no surprise these artisan bongs are the #1 gifted bong in the world.

#1 Gifted Bong Makes Thoughtful Holiday Shopping Easy

The collection of artisan bongs from My Bud Vase® features the highest quality materials and unique attention to detail. There’s nothing quite like them—hence why they’ve become collectibles to many customers. In fact, the artisan bong company has had quite a few high-profile shoppers, including Snoop Dogg, who gifted both Miley Cyrus and Martha Stewart with appropriately tasteful, one-of-a-kind flower vases you can smoke from.

However, Snoop’s not the only one shopping for exclusive, personal gifts this holiday season. According to the NY Post, 62% of consumers want a holiday gift that comes from the heart and feels personal. Additionally, 70% of millennials plan on buying personalized gifts like home décor, clothing and jewelry items.

When it comes to holiday shopping for your favorite cannabis enthusiast, why not gift them a piece that’s both functional and decorative? With My Bud Vase®, you can add a piece of art to your home that you can do more than just look at. The brand is currently hosting a limited-time Black Friday celebration on its website, with every single product available at 30% off until midnight on Sunday, November 26.

The best part about the unique accessories and details that come with each My Bud Vase® flower bong, is that the pieces included are also highly functional for the modern-day cannabis smoker. For instance, the beautiful flower stems that make these artisan bongs a stunning showpiece vase can also be used as a poker to clear the bowl.

“We take our flower bong design and product development seriously,” Sullivan says. “But we don’t take ourselves too seriously—partly because we are using our product regularly!”

It’s clear there’s a lot of passion and love that goes behind designing My Bud Vase® bongs.

My Bud Vase founder Doreen Sullivan
My Bud Vase founder Doreen Sullivan.

Catch My Bud Vase at the MJBiz Convention in Las Vegas

Unlike any other bong or smoking accessory you’ll find on the market today, My Bud Vase® proudly provides beautifully designed artsinal bongs that check the boxes of both practicality and sophistication.

With the brand’s mission to end cannabis prohibition and normalize consumption experiences, Sullivan and her team work closely to create a dynamic cannabis lifestyle product that can be proudly showcased and elegantly displayed in your home.

It should come as no surprise that My Bud Vase® is nominated for the Emjays Product of The Year award. The winner will be announced on November 30 at the Emjays Award Show during the MJBiz Convention in Las Vegas.

With every artisan bong, My Bud Vase® evokes artistry, inspiration and evolution to positively influence the perception and attitude toward cannabis. This approach elevates the traditional cannabis consumption experience, creating dual functionality for the consumer by adding a touch of elegance and class to your home decor and smoking accessories. It’s why My Bud Vase® remains the #1 gifted bong.

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