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Product Review: JET Water Pipes

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Product Review: JET Water Pipes

This customizable bong has stackable percolators that provides a silky smoke.

When it comes to smoking off a bong, the key to getting a smooth hit is ample air filtration. In this regard, the bong from JET has quite the upper hand.

Within the chamber of this ripper are disks that split the smoke into hundreds of tiny bubbles. These disks provide ample air flow, which makes taking a hit off of this bong similar to foaming the milk of a frothy cappuccino — the minuscule bubbles are distributed in a uniform fashion. With help from these percolators, the hits off the JET are large, but also filtered, meaning that they won’t leave the user in an eye-watering coughing fit from that last bowl of Jack Herer.

While the water pipe is made of plastic, meaning it’s not necessarily the bong you want to share with your heady glass friends, the JET is easy to clean and customizable. Another great feature lies in the spring action around the bowl, an aspect which means you don’t have to remove the bowl to draw in the hit.

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