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Product Review: Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus

Highlighter Plus Cannabis Now
Photo courtesy of Bloom Farms


Product Review: Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus

The new Highlighter Plus vape pen from Bloom Farms provides a dependable dose.

There is a veritable ocean of oil-filled vape pens, so choosing one isn’t always easy. We’ve tested more than we can count and the offerings from Bloom Farms regularly come out on top. One of the reasons behind the company’s success is its ability to deliver a consistent product.

The newest pen, the Highlighter Plus, also delivers in this regard. The vape’s upgraded technology employs a ceramic heating element and allows the pen to deliver thick, consistent hits of vapor. The oil in the pen is made up of highly refined C02 distillate with cannabis-derived terpenes. Distillate in itself is without flavor, so adding the terpenes back into the mix is essential. The vape comes in indica, sativa and hybrid versions.

The pen itself also feels sturdy in the hand, which means it’s not necessary to be too delicate with it. It easily transports in a bag or pocket and doesn’t result in the telltale cannabis smell. The Bloom Farms Highlighter Plus is a discrete way to enjoy cannabis throughout the day. It’s also coming in between 75 to 90 percent THC, so a few puffs should be enough to feel a pleasant buzz.

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