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CCELL’s New Disposable Vape Pen: Small but Mighty



CCELL’s New Disposable Vape Pen: Small but Mighty

The Listo vape pen features revolutionary heating elements and a large oil tank. It’s an easy pick for those wanting a long-lasting, well-made disposable.

Meet Listo — the latest and greatest from industry hard hitter, CCELL. Compact, elegant and easy-to-use, the Listo offers everything you could want in a disposable vape pen. With a transparent, 1 ml large tank, the Listo holds a generous amount of oil that you can see. This means you always know how much you have left and can say goodbye to those dreaded times when your pen runs out mid-sesh. 

Complete with CCELL’s iconic ceramic heating elements and top-quality materials, this high-volume disposable has a fun, playful design and is an all-around crowd pleaser. 

Leaders in Vape Technology

A pioneer in the ceramic heating market, CCELL leads the charge when it comes to vape technology. A team of over 260 engineers work to make sure your experience is just right, from start to finish. And the effort isn’t wasted; their tech-forward approach makes for an impressive, no-nonsense device. 

Safety is a priority for vape users. To ease any concerns, CCELL utilizes the highest standard production facilities and sets strict hygiene and safety measures. CCELL is the first certified dust-free facility of its kind.

Accolades aside, we have come to expect the best from CCELL and the Listo disposable vape pen is no exception. 

Advanced Heating 

CCELL’s drive to create the best product possible sets them apart from competitors. Labelled as a technology brand that specializes in vape devices, CCELL’s proprietary ceramic heating elements have created some of the most buzzworthy vaporizers on the market.

The Listo’s ceramic heating elements replace outdated wick-based coils and allow for the purest extraction possible. Be prepared for a smooth draw and satisfying result. High temperature sintering creates micro-holes within the ceramic to allow for more efficient and even oil extraction. All of this advanced heating tech allows flavor and potency to shine through. 

A Compact, Long-Lasting Vape

One of Listo’s most notable features is its transparent 1 mL tank. Listo’s small size makes its larger tank a pleasant surprise. No more guessing how much is left in your disposable — with a quick glance, you can see exactly how much oil is left. 

Both aesthetically pleasing and practical, the size and design of the tank stands out as Listo’s star feature. An average vape pen will hold around 0.3-0.5 mL of oil while Listo holds 1mL — that’s twice as much! Long-lasting and pocketable, the Listo is easy and practical. 

Easy Recharge

Waste not, Listo is rechargeable. The ability to recharge is a major upgrade in disposables and means you won’t ever have to leave oil in an unfinished pod. An indicator LED light informs you when the battery is low and it’s time to find an outlet. With a powerful 350 mAh battery, your device should last days before needing a charge. All it requires is a simple USB charger — an added bonus when we see so many vaporizers with proprietary charging ports. Listo was made to make the user’s life easier, and practical charging meets that goal. 

A Pop of Color

There’s nothing boring about cannabis use, so why should your device be any different? Listo is brightly colored and fully customizable — the best of both worlds if you ask us. Rather than the traditional metallic exterior, CCELL opted for a more playful design that will surely make you excited to share it with friends.   

Listo’s internals feature medical-grade, 316L stainless steel, and food-grade plastic makes up the mouthpiece. The use of stainless steel means the danger of corrosion is reduced and food-grade plastic keeps you safe from toxins.  

The Rundown

As far as disposables go, it’s hard to find anything wrong with the Listo — it’s perfect for customers who want a disposable device that doesn’t skimp on material or design. 

With this latest addition to the CCELL lineup, they’ve filled a void in the vape pen market by designing such a compact pen with a large tank. All in all, the Listo checks a lot of our boxes: portability, design, ease of use, and of course, longevity. 

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