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Disposable Vape Pen by Dime Industries is Best in Class

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Disposable Vape Pen by Dime Industries is Best in Class

The elite vaping pen is sleek, innovative and highly effective.

Dime Industries’ disposable vape pen is mindfully crafted, in terms of both form and function. The brand prides itself on innovation and the high quality of their creations. This is certainly evident with their disposable vape pen, which boasts a sleek, luxurious look. The pen is white with gold detailing, and a gold mouthpiece sits at the crown of the pen to match Dime’s patented zero-waste atomizer beneath it—all made with food grade glass and stainless steel.

Inside the disposable vape pen’s 600 MG tank is oil made from pure cannabinoids with 100% of the solvent being separated out via a wiped film distillation method. Terpenes extracted from cannabis strains and captured from botanicals and real fruits are then introduced to the refined cannabinoids creating a signature line of ten tasty and terpy options. 

Dime Disposable Flavors

The Best of Both Worlds

While testing out the Dime Industries disposable, it gave me smooth and consistent hits. This is one of the focal points of the pen’s design, according to the company. The disposables heat up quickly to 425 degrees for each hit, and a long-life battery is included with the intention of providing reliably consistent drags until the very end. Fit for all paces of consumption, the battery lasts about a month, but there’s also a convenient micro-USB charging port at the base of the pen, should the battery die with any oil leftover. 

Although 425 degrees is a bit higher than I would’ve set the pen for myself, surprisingly, I experienced no burnt oil taste or discomfort in my throat.

Dime Industries Disposables Vape Pen Battery

Two inverted ceramic plates sit within Dime’s patented atomizer that heat the distillate forgivingly to preserve those delicious terpene profiles. Although ceramic has a higher specific heat compared to other alternative materials used in atomizers, these disposables instantly produce full, satisfactory puffs. Kudos to Dime for pulling off the best of both worlds with this disposable: harmonizing functionality and maximizing flavor.  

The pen’s atomizer is also designed not to waste a drop of product, and you wouldn’t want to. All ten disposable pen options have tested cannabinoid levels more than 90% making for a powerful hit. The tiniest puff brought on an exceptionally noticeable high—not extreme, but certainly effective compared to other vape pens I’ve tried. I usually veer away from dab pens because I often feel more of a headache than a high, and I’m pleased to say that hasn’t been my experience with Dime disposables. The product tastes clean, but, perhaps even more importantly, it supports a clean feeling high.

An Elite Disposable

The choice between Dime’s products comes down to how much of a specific strain you want to try. Aside from the 600mg disposables, Dime offers full-gram concentrates in five forms: crumble, sugar, live rosin, diamonds and badder. Additionally, Dime sells full-gram cartridges and batteries designed in-house. Considering the waste they create, I recommend these disposables for less frequent users who’ll keep a vape pen around for a month or so.

Dime Industries Disposables Live Rosin

Dime Industries says its mission, in part, is to offer products that are formulated by values consumers can connect with. The quality of the brand’s disposable is evidenced by the experience provided. The efficacy of the product is also backed up by testing results found online, as well as a product validation system. The company’s website has an impressive amount of information about their products, and Dime makes it known in their vision statement that transparency remains a priority.

As an active cannabis consumer, I prioritize cleanliness, flavor and both physical and psychoactive sensations. I found that Dime products unequivocally align with those prerequisites. From presentation, to function, to tasty flavor, I can wholeheartedly recommend the Dime disposable vape pen. 

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