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Product Review: Nail Crown All-in-One

Nail Crown Cannabis Now Magazine
Photo courtesy of Cruz Culture

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Product Review: Nail Crown All-in-One

Essentially, the new Nail Crown is an essential piece of non-stick silicone for dabbers.

One of our favorite aspects of being a part of the worldwide cannabis community is witnessing the insights and innovations that come part in parcel with further acceptance of our favorite flower. The Nail Crown offered through Cruz Culture represents one of those brilliant innovations.

It’s the type of product you don’t even necessarily know you need until you need it. Here’s the scenario – you want to take one last dab off your rig, but you are about to dash off for the next dabbing destination. The nail will still be hot, forcing you to wait until it cools and you can place it in proper storage. That is, unless you have Nail Crown. This all-in-one item boasts an array of helpful tools for errl aficionados starting with a safe storage area for that hot nail.

In addition, the Nail Crown’s “jewels” expose several different titanium dabbing tools along with a place to safely rest them when they are not in use. It also comes complete with a titanium carb cap. This means you will be prepared for any sticky situation – BHO, shatter, ice-water hash? You’ve got this, with the Nail Crown you are the master of the whole Kush kingdom.

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